Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Dandy - Issue 3542

Sorry for no recent updates, this happens a lot now doesn't it...
Anyway, back on track now and we've got the latest Dandy review, read on to find out:

SUMMARY: This week's issue brings us not only a new one page story namely Tiny's Temper by Stu Munro, but we also see the return of Mr Meecher in this issue, a new quest beginning in Yore, the last of Hysterical History and more in new-ish strips like Fat Cat and Bear Behind. Also there's new mini strips Doctor, Doctor and Dino Vet. As well as your usual favourites like Desperate Dan, Korky the Cat, George VS Dragon, Harry and his Hippo, Pre-Skool Prime Minister, Saint Evils, Sea Dogs and Bananaman.

PG 1: Front Cover: (Harry Hill - Nigel Parkinson)
PG 2: Jokes (with Mr Meecher) - Will Dawbarn
PG 3: What's Inside? (Featuring Desperate Dan) - Jamie Smart
PG 4: Pre-Skool Prime Minister - Jamie Smart
PG 6: Harry and his Hippo - Andy Fanton
PG 7: Madvertisement: Celebrity Phew-Fumes - Andy Fanton
PG 8: Little Cheryl - Nigel Parkinson
PG 9: Shorts: Doctor, Doctor! - Karl Dixon NEW!, Freddy the Fearless Fly - Phil Corbett, Not the Greatest Juggler - David Mostyn, Old MacDonald's Facebook Farm - Karl Dixon
PG 10: Yore - The Etherington Brothers
PG 11: Hysterical History - Karl Dixon
PG 12: Bananaman - Wayne Thompson
PG 14: Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher - Will Dawbarn THE RETURN!
PG 15: Sea Dogs - Steve Beckett
PG 16: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - Nigel Parkinson
PG 18: Celebrity Shopping (The Doctor) - Mark Bennington
PG 19: Shorts: Doctor, Doctor! - Karl Dixon, Bear Behind - Stu Munro, Twit-ter - Nigel Auchterlounie, Dino Vet - Phil Corbett NEW!
PG 20: Tiny's Temper - Stu Munro NEW!
PG 21: Fu Schnicken, The Kung Fu Chicken - Wayne Thompson
PG 22: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart
PG 23: The Bogies - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 24: Activity: Pin the Wig on Harry - Nigel Parkinson
PG 25: Clown Wars - Nik Holmes
PG 26: The Dandy's Subscription Page
PG 27: Korky the Cat - Phil Corbett
PG 28: Mailbag
PG 29: Shorts: Doctor, Doctor! - Karl Dixon, Jibber & Steve - Nigel Auchterlounie, Saint Evils - Stephen Waller, Fat Cat - Percy Palmer
PG 30: George VS Dragon - Andy Fanton
PG 31: Next Week (Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land, Little Richard Hammond, The Bogies, Yore, Pre-Skool Prime Minister)
PG 32: Advert

- Bone-O
- Terror Byte
- Knock, Knock!
- The Gleeks


16) Fu Schnicken, The Kung Fu Chicken
15) Little Celebs
14) Bananaman
13) Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land
12) The Bogies
11) Madvertisement
10) Yore
9) Clown Wars
8) Korky the Cat
7) Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher
6) Hysterical History
5) Sea Dogs
4) Harry and his Hippo
3) Desperate Dan
2) George VS Dragon
1) Pre-Skool Prime Minister


12) Freddy the Fearless Fly
11) Bear Behind
10) Not the Greatest Juggler
9) Doctor, Doctor! (Strip 1)
8) Twit-ter
7) Dino Vet
6) Doctor, Doctor! (Strip 3)
5) Doctor, Doctor! (Strip 2)
4) Fat Cat
3) Old MacDonald's Facebook Farm
2) Jibber & Steve
1) Saint Evils

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