About Me

Hi, I'm Harry Rickard, but I'm known on the internet as WizzKid97. :)

AGE: Not saying.

COUNTRY: England

LIKES: The Dandy, The Beano, The Wizzo, drawing, cartoons, comics, video games, spending time with friends and family, going on my laptop, Adobe Flash CS5 Professional, Mock the Week, Doctor Who, Russell Howard's Good News

DISLIKES: Homework, most meat, political correctness in The Beano, Harry Hill's TV Burp

FAVOURITE ARTIST(S): Andy Fanton, Jamie Smart, Jay Townsend, Tom Southall, Lew Stringer, Herge, Roger Mahoney, Simon Tofield, Edd Gould, Laura Howell, Barrie Appleby, Tom Paterson, Mike Pearse, Kev Sutherland, Steve Beckett, Lorenzo Etherington, Stu Munro, Hannes Smit, Alexander Matthews

DANDY: George VS Dragon, Robot on the Run, Pre-Skool Prime Minister, Desperate Dan, Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher, Boo, Bananaman, The Bogies, Yore, Terror Byte, Daredevil Dad, Harry and his Hippo, Korky the Cat, Off the Vine, Kid Cops, Postman Prat, Thingummyblob

BEANO: Ball Boy, Ivy the Terrible, Roger the Dodger, Fred's Bed, Little Plum, Meebo and Zuky, Beano Manga, Johnny Bean from Happy Bunny Green

WIZZO: Blong, Zappy, i-Wish, Frankie, Maddie Bout Money and Nora Penny, Imaginative Imogen, Frank's Footie Team, Robert Robot, Tall and Small, Get a Job Bob, Tiny Tim, Wizzo Chibis, The Weather Man, Tornado Tommy

OTHER: Eddsworld, Andy Capp, Mandy (from Daily Mirror), Calvin and Hobbes, Hagar the Horrible, Simon's Cat, My Cardboard Life, Pigwhale, The Carrotty Kid

FAVOURITE TV PROGRAMME(S): Mock the Week, Russell Howard's Good News, Doctor Who, The Gadget Show, The Vicar of Dibley

FAVOURITE COMEDIAN(S): Russell Howard, Michael McIntyre and Hugh Dennis

FAVOURITE FILM(S): Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Iron Man, Back to the Future Trilogy, Star Trek, Meet the Fockers, Toy Story 3, The Spy Next Door, National Treasure 1 and 2

FAVOURITE SONGS AT THE MOMENT: Big Bang 2 - Charlie McDonnell, Black Sheep - Brie Larsson, Grenade - Bruno Mars, Pricetag - Jessie J, Cooler than Me - Not sure... :/

Erm... I have a blog, oh wait, you already know that... Oops... Er... Oh, I'm in a comic called the Wizzo which you can find out more about herehere and here! In the comic there are about 10 of us, with the team expanding as we find more talented artists across the country!

Blong, Zappy, i-Wish, WizzHouse, Maddie Bout Money and Nora Penny, Frank's Footie Team, Robert Robot, Joust Joking, Crazy Cartoons, Arty's How to Draw (Arty's Know How), Imaginative Imogen, Patrick the Prankster, Mrs A (used to), Tiny Tim (secondary), Chav and Jim (secondary), Wizzo Chibis, Jungle Jeopardy, James Pond, Wizzo Workers, WizzKids Puzzles

Phew! :D