Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My artwork - Part 1

As promised, here is some of my artwork I do for our school's comic, the Wizzo...

Wizzo Chibis:

Inspired by Beano Manga, this one features two of our characters, Zappy and Patrick the Prankster, hope you like it!


- Drawn in pen on A4 paper

- Scanned onto my laptop

- Coloured in Paint.NET

- Text then added on same programme.


Inspired by the Apple i-Phone, I put some hidden details into this one...

1) My signature in Panel 4 gets sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.

2) The speech bubble in Panel 5 is also getting sucked up.

3) In Panel 1, there's a Wizzo on the floor that says Issue 361...

4) The little spider in Panel 2  saying 'Hi' is getting sucked up in Panel 4.


- Drawn in pen on A4 paper

- Scanned onto my laptop

- Coloured in Paint.NET

- Text then added on same programme.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas Fans!

Here's an official MERRY CHRISTMAS to anyone who is reading this, I hope you all have a great day!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas Andy Fanton!

Here's a special card I drew for Mr Andy Fanton for the lovely e-mail he sent me...
George VS Dragon © Andy Fanton 2010 - The Dandy Comic™ 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Beano - Issue 3565

Latest Beano is out and by jove is it better than the previous issue! 

The Contents:

PG 1: Front Cover - Jimmy Hansen
PG 2: Contents
PG 3: Dennis and Gnasher - Jimmy Hansen
PG 5: Billy Whizz - Nick Brennan
PG 6: Minnie the Minx - Ken Harrison
PG 8: BFG - Britain's Funniest Gag
PG 9: Ball Boy - Dave Eastbury
PG 10: Calamity James - Tom Paterson
PG 11: Spot the Difference
PG 12: The Numskulls - Barry Glennard
PG 14: Ratz - Hunt Emerson (starring Ivy the Terrible)
PG 15: Beano Subscription
PG 16: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland
PG 18: Lord Snooty the Third - Nigel Parkinson
PG 19: Ivy the Terrible - Diego Jourdan Pereira
PG 20: Beano V.I.P. 
PG 22: Fred's Bed - Tom Paterson
PG 24: The 3 Bears - Mike Pearse
PG 25: Advertisement - Gulliver's Travels the Movie
PG 26: Robbie Rebel - Ken Harrison
PG 27: End of Robbie Rebel and Stripz - Duncan Scott
PG 28: Roger the Dodger - Barrie Appleby
PG 30: Advertisement - BeanoMAX and Beano and Dandy Pack.
PG 31: 60 Second Dennis - Tom Paterson
PG 32: Back Page - Advertisement - Beano V.I.P. and the Beano Shop.

BeanoMAX - Issue 47

Got the latest BeanoMAX yesterday, here's the contents:

PG 2: The Beano Files
PG 3: Dennis and Gnasher - Nigel Parkinson
PG 6: Epic Mickey Interview
PG 8: Food-Tastic Fun
PG 10: Arcade
PG 12: The Kick-Ass Koalas - Unknown
PG 15: Beano Manga - Laura Howell
PG 16: Dennis and the Record Breakers
PG 18: Doctor Beastly's Tales of the Slightly Unpleasant - Brian Walker (Reprints)
PG 20: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland
PG 22: Poster of The Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
PG 24: Wallace and Gromit - Jimmy Hansen
PG 27: Advert - Wallace and Gromit - Cracking Ideas
PG 28: Splodge - Ken Harrison (Reprints)
PG 29: Gnasher's Giveaways
PG 30: Plug's Uglies (Plus other Strange Stories) - Unknown
PG 32: Minnie the Minx - Jim Petrie (Reprints)
PG 34: The 3 Bears - Mike Pearse (Reprints)
PG 36: BFG - Britain's Funniest Gag
PG 38: The Numskulls - Tom Paterson 
PG 41: Next Time
PG 42: The Bash Street Kids - Unknown
PG 44: BACK PAGE: Advert for X-Box Kinect

So basically fan-dabby-dozy!  27 pages of great comics! A definite buy!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Check it out!

Yeah so take a look :)
It's our Wizzo Wikipedia where you can see all the latest news :)

Coming soon...

The Wizzo Issue 3 is at least 75% finished! And we can now give away the content!

HR - Harry Rickard - Me
HS - Hannes Smit
KG - Kieren Gillespie
MS - Martin Smit
JB - Jonathan Barham
SN - Sue Nicholls
SJ - Sam Jones

PG 2: Contents
PG 3: Blong - HR
PG 6: Zappy - HR
PG 8: End of Zappy and Crash Test Dummies KG
PG 9: i Wish - HR
PG 10: Get a Job Bob - HS
PG 12: Tiny Tim - KG
PG 13: Shorts - Robert Robot - HR, Tall and Small - HS, Joust Joking - HR, The Weather Man - JB
PG 14: Stupid Steve - SJ
PG 16: Tornado Tommy - JB
PG 17: Magic Buns - SN
PG 18: Super Pencil - MS
PG 20: Frank's Footie Team - HR
PG 21: James Pond - HR
PG 22: WizzKids - KG
PG 23: Jumbo Jet - HS
PG 25: End of Jumbo Jet and The Game - KG
PG 26: Arty's Know How - HR
PG 28: Frankie - HS
PG 31: Jungle Jeopardy and Letter Lives advert - HR
PG 32: Chav and Jim - HS
PG 34: Shorts - How the Dinosaurs Died Out - HS, The Mud Fighters - JB, Crazy Cartoons - KG, Bill the Buyer - JB
PG 35: Next Time - (featuring Bruiser, The Wizz Street Kids, Maddie Bout Money and Nora Penny and WizzHouse
PG 36: BACK PAGE: Wizzo Chibis - HR

36 pages of great comic strips, and if you would like the issue, I can e-mail it to you but I will need £1.00 in return... Thank you :)

Please note: Half of your money will go to J.D.R.F in a hope to find a cure to Diabetes Type 1.

Monday, 20 December 2010

I need ideas!

Hi, the Wizzo needs new ideas and we need you to help! We're struggling to find new storylines so we want you to come up with some for us!

- No swearing or inappropriate stories
- No gory violence, violence is okay but goes to it's limits....
- Must be funny!

Here all the characters and what they do....
- Blong - Anything, doesn't speak (silent)
- Zappy - Inventions
- Chav and Jim - Skaters, Chav wears a hoodie that hides his face so Jim wants to see what he looks like underneath his hood.
- Tiny Tim - Menacing Toddler
- Robert Robot - Anything to do with robots
- Tall and Small - Tall and Small jokes
- Joust Joking - Picture Jokes
- The Game - Makes people lose the Game D:
- The Weather Man - About weather conditions and a man who controls it.
- Frank's Footie Team - Football
- How the Dinosaurs Died Out - Ways the dinosaurs became extinct.
- The Mud Fighters - They throw mud at people...
- iWish - Wishes for stuff
- James Pond - Fishing
- Stupid Steve - Like Smiffy from the Beano, stupid.
- Magic Buns - The bunny who gets up to a lot despite his owner believing he's boring.
- WizzHouse - About three kids who travel in time.
- Wizzo Chibis - Random stories, like Beano Manga.
- Frankie - Anything, literally anything...
- Crash Test Dummies - Cartoon Violence
- Super Pencil - H's a superhero who's a pencil.
- Jumbo Jet - Wants to fly, but he's an elephant.
- Get a Job Bob - Always tries to find jobs, but goes wrong...
- Tornado Tommy - Makes tornadoes
- Crazy Cartoons - Anything
- Bruiser - About a menacing dog, like Gnasher and Gnipper, Tiny Tim's dog.
- Jungle Jeopardy - About a hunter who fails at hunting for animals....
- Maddie Bout Money and Nora Penny - About a rich girl and a poor girl, like Milly O'Naire and Penny Less or Ivor Lott and Tony Broke from Fleetway.
- Mrs A or Bad Luck Buck - Both unlucky, like Calamity James.
- Patrick the Prankster - A practical joker, similar to Joker from Fleetway.
- The Wizz Street Kids - About a bunch of naughty pupils and their suffering teacher. Like the Bash Street Kids.

Thank you :D
Please send all your ideas to either this page or via e-mail at
Thank you once again.

Friday, 17 December 2010

My e-mail from Mr Andy Fanton

Yeah, so basically I am over the moon :D
You've all heard of Andy Fanton, you know, the guy who draws George VS Dragon for the Dandy.... Yeah him :D
Anyway I sent him an e-mail months back! Here's what it said:

Hi Andy Fanton, love your artwork, I'm a massive fan of George VS Dragon as well as Carroty Kid.

Seeing as your a comic artist to one of my favourite comics, I'd like you to see some of my artwork I've done and see if it's up to Dandy-standards. The link to my page is below this. Please give me your honest opinion, how I could improve and anything else you wish to say.

Can't wait for your new character Boo to appear in the comic. Good luck with your new Dandy career by the way. :)

Anyway as I said, I sent this aaaggggeeeessss ago! To be honest I thought I was never going to get a reply, I was ignored...

But only this morning, I went on my e-mails and I was gobsmacked! There was a reply from Mr Fanton himself! :D

Here was the feedback:

Here's an e-mail of which I've received from Andy Fanton (artist of George VS Dragon and The Carrotty Kid)
I basically showed him some artwork, here's the reply I got which made my day!

Hi, Harry!

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, I've been suuuuuuuper busy doing George vs Dragons left, right and centre! I'm glad you're enjoying them, though - and thanks for all your support, I really appreciate it, especially as it's my first proper comics gig, so to speak!

Anyhoo - I looked at your stuff and I'm really impressed, you've DEFINITELY got talent there! Your style is great, and I love that you have so many ideas bubbling away there!

Whether it's up to Dandy standard yet, I'm not sure. I remember sending The Dandy some ideas when I was about 15/16 - an envelope crammed with strips, as I recall. I got a lovely letter back, offering me some good advice, and saying I had some skill there...but ultimately, I wasn't quite ready for the professional work at that stage. I'd agree (although at the time I was a little disappointed, naturally), as when I look at that stuff I can see how much I developed, even only a little after then.

Having said that, clearly your stuff is much better than whoever drew 'Simples' in the Xmas Dandy! Haha!

By all means send any stuff to if you want to let them see your work and see what they say. If they do pass, though, don't be too disheartened, is all I can say. If you're anything like me, you'll listen to whatever they say, take it on board, and keep on working. With the raw skill you have on display, and bucket-loads of determination and persistence, I am pretty much 100% confident you'll get to do whatever you choose!

Hope that's been of some use!

Thanks again for your kind words!



Yeah so.... wow! This made my day!

I'd like to thank Andy for bothering to answer me and for being so kind! :D

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Dandy Monster Christmas Special

Here's the contents. Full review later:

PG 1: Front Cover
PG 2: Contents (featuring Desperate Dan)
PG 3: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart
PG 5: Marvo the Wonder Chicken - Nigel Parkinson
PG 6: Harry Hill's Christmas Adventures in TV Land - Nigel Parkinson
PG 8: Shoe! - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 9: Shorts: Attack of the Killer Zombie Snowmen - Nigel Auchterlounie, Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat - Unknown, Korky the Cat - Phil Corbett, Daybreak Kiss-mass Special - Wayne Thompson
PG 10: What Goes on in Santa's House - David Mostyn
PG 12: A Christmas Cowell! - Chris McGhie
PG 14: Kid Cops - Lew Stringer
PG 15: Madvertisement - The Twiglet Saga - Karl Dixon
PG 16: The Bogies (Dr Goo) - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 18: The Mighty Bork - Wayne Thompson
Pullout - Dandy Dec's - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 19: Shorts - The Phantom Pharter - Nigel Parkinson, The Truth Fairy - Chris McGhie, The Twiglet Saga - Karl Dixon, Turkey Twizzlers - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 20: The Dandy Pantomimie - Oh Yes He Did! - Nigel Parkinson
PG 28: Big Bad Snowmen Brain Squeeze (Puzzle Page) - Duncan Scott
PG 29: Shorts - The Twiglet Saga - Karl Dixon, Attack of the Killer Zombie Snowmen... Part Deux - Nigel Auchterlounie, The Truth Fairy - Chris McGhie, Daybreak Kiss-Mas Special - Wayne Thompson
PG 30: Bear Thrills - Phil Corbett
PG 32: Shao Lin Punks - Wayne Thompson
PG 33: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land at Christmas - Nigel Parkinson
Pullout - Make a Flat-Pack Meerkat!, Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat - Duncan Scott
Pullout - Dandy Door Hangers
PG 37: Advert D:
PG 38: What's in Cheryl's Hair Today? (Puzzle Page) - Duncan Scott
PG 39: Shorts - Turkey Twizzlers - Nigel Auchterlounie, The Twiglet Saga - Karl Dixon, Attack of the Killer Zombie Snowmen... The Trilogy - Nigel Auchterlounie, The Truth Fairy - Chris McGhie
PG 40: The Night of the Living Glee - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 42: Robot on the Run - Alexander Matthews
PG 45: Clive 5 - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 46: Pre-Skool Prime Minister - Jamie Smart
PG 48: The Sheriff of Dottingham - Phil Corbett
PG 49: Shorts - The Twiglet Saga - Karl Dixon, The Truth Fairy - Chris McGhie, The Phantom Pharter - Nigel Parkinson, Daybreak Kiss-Mas Special - Wayne Thompson
PG 50: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart
Pullout - Snow-Zilla! - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 52: Bananaman - Wayne Thompson
PG 54: Cracking Carols - Unknown
PG 56: Postman Prat - Lew Stringer
PG 58: Christmas Crackers - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 59: Shorts - Korky the Cat - Phil Corbett, Attack of the Killer Zombie Snowmen... We Promise - Nigel Auchterlounie, Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat - Unknown, TV Teaser - Garry Davies
PG 60: Dandy Subscription
PG 61: Pepperoni Pig - Wayne Thompson
PG 62: George VS Dragon - Andy Fanton
PG 64:  Advert D:
PG 65: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart
PG 66 - Next Time - Showing Harry Hill, Korky the Cat, Dr Loo! and Mr Meacher
PG 67: Pullout - Signs for Santa - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 68: Back Page

Wait hang on a second, 68 pages?! I thought it said 76 pages....

Monday, 13 December 2010

A 'Dandy' Idea!

Sorry, excuse the pun in the title ;)

Anyway, here my idea, anyone heard of DC Thomson's comic Sparky? It featured famous characters like Puss 'n' Boots, I-Spy and Brainless and it was a complete classic, anyway now to get to the point, there was a story in the comic called the Sparky People, it was all about some made up characters printing the Sparky and it was great! So basically I was thinking; why not revive it in the Dandy? Have it drawn by someone like Ken Harrison, Wayne Thompson or Barrie Appleby, it could feature the actual team and the artists (e.g. Jamie Smart, Nigel Parkinson, Andy Fanton etc) in crazy cartoon stories.

I'd love to see this, maybe as a two pager or something... It could be named the Dandy Office or Dandy HQ.... So, what do you guys think? 

My Oldest Comic Annual yet!

The Beano Book 1961 - Mine is in
not so good condition... 

I picked up an old annual at Kim's Bookshop today in Chichester.

It was the Beano Book 1961 and I got it for a reasonable £25.00.... The condition isn't amazing, hence why it was quite a low price.... the spine is completely gone, instead replaced with some ugly gaffa tape! D:<

One of my favourite parts about the annual was the contents, sadly now they no longer have a contents but back then, the great Leo Baxendale used to draw some wacky contents pictures! I hope they bring these back!

It features characters like Dennis the Menace (before Gnasher came), Roger the Dodger, Minnie the Minx, Jonah, The Three Bears, Kat and Kanary, Little Plum, The Bash Street Kids, Biffo the Bear, Jimmy and his Magic Patch, General Jumbo, Red Rory of the Eagles and the Iron Fish as well as many more!

The Beano Title

If you have a look at the Beano Book collections, you'll realise that it wasn't until the Beano Book 1995 (made in 1994) when they started putting the official title on the Beano, before that, the Beano title changed all the time...

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hey! Where did he go?

Anyone remember Count Snotula back in the first new, revamped Dandy? No? I'm not surprised, he only lasted one issue...

Anyway, it says he was new... Hmm, more like a one-off... 

He was drawn by Duncan Scott and I must admit, the story kind of made me feel sick... I mean, this freak-ish, vampire weirdo goes around eating people's snot and bogies. Eew, gross! The story was pretty good though, and I liked the ending... 

Now, if anyone can tell me why this character was dropped, please let me know, was it because he was a bad influence or he was pretty gross? What and picking your nose and naming your Bogies like in the Bogies isn't gross? Hmm?

Anyway I'm just curious, that's all, if anyone can tell me why he's gone, please let me know :)

New Dandy!

It's that time again! The Dandy's out! Well actually it came out yesterday but I got mine today so there... Anyway, the Dandy was 100% AMAZING (as usual), here's the contents...

PG 1: Front Cover
PG 2: Contents (featuring Pre Skool Prime Minister)
PG 3: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - Nigel Parkinson and Harry Hill
PG 7: In an Office somewhere in London - Wayne Thompson
PG 8: The Mighty Bork - Wayne Thompson (featuring the 11th Doctor :D)
PG 9: Shorts: Outside an Office somewhere in London - Wayne Thompson, Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat (No.19) - Duncan Scott, The Phantom Pharter - Nigel Parkinson, Noel or No Noel - Wayne Thompson
PG 10: Kid Cops - Lew Stringer (featuring classic Dandy character, Greedy Pigg!)
PG 11: Madvertisement: Santa's Sleigh - Wayne Thompson
PG 12: The Bogies: Gob the Bogie Hunter - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 13: Bananaman - Wayne Thompson
PG 14: Advert D:
PG 15: Have you been Naughty or Nice? (Puzzle) - Duncan Scott
PG 16: Pre-Skool Prime Minister - Jamie Smart
PG 18: The Sheriff of Dottingham (Dot to Dot puzzle) - Phil Corbett
PG 19: Shorts: In Santa's Grotto at the North Pole - Wayne Thompson, Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat (No.20) - Duncan Scott, Dr Doctor - David Mostyn, Twit-ter - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 20: Shao Lin Punks - Wayne Thompson
PG 21: In Santa's Grotto at the North Pole - Wayne Thompson
PG 22: Dandy Subscription (replaces Jibber and Steve and Factoids.COM)
PG 23: Robot on the Run - Alexander Matthews
PG 24: Postman Prat - Lew Stringer
PG 25: What's in Cheryl's Hair Today? - Duncan Scott
PG 26: Clive 5 - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 27: Korky the Cat - Phil Corbett
PG 28: Pepperoni Pig - Wayne Thompson
PG 29: Shorts: TV Teaser - Garry Davies, Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat - Duncan Scott, In Lord Sugar's Office - Wayne Thompson, The Phantom Pharter - Nigel Parkinson
PG 30: George VS Dragon - Andy Fanton
PG 31: Next Time
PG 32: Back Page: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart

Now what can I say about this issue, first of all I can say it's FANTASTIC! Second of all I can tell you Korky the Cat has a whole page and thirdly I can tell you the Christmas Special is next week!

Now, the Christmas Special... What can I say about it that will excite all of you? Easy, the Beano had 48 pages, now I hear you all say "Wow! That's a lot!" Well what about if I told you the amount of pages in the Dandy Monster Comic? (That's right, it's called the Dandy Monster Comic! Fantastic!)
32? Higher, 48? Higher, 56? Higher, 68? Higher... 76? Correct! Yes, you heard me, 76 pages of 100% funny comic awesomeness! 76 pages of non-stop comic stories! SEVENTY SIX PAGES OF FANTASTIC COMIC STRIPS OF EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE CHARACTERS!!!! 
Now Andy Fanton's confirmed there;s a two page George VS Dragon story in there, plus on the Dandy's Facebook page, they gave away there was a Little Lady Gaga comic strip plus there's all knew comic, Bear Thrills by Phil Corbett. also there's Harry Hill confirmed as well as the Glee Fever... Whatever that is... So what if it's £3.99, it'll be worth it! Think about it, if you get about 15 adverts, who cares? You'll still at least 61 pages of comic strips! :D

Best story this week was definitely George VS Dragon (as usual), the stories are fab, the art is amazing and everything about it is fantastic! Worst this week was probably Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land as I didn't get half the jokes and the story made no sense whatsoever.

Sadly thanks to the extra-long Santa and Alan Sugar story quite a few of the characters didn't appear... They were Jibber and Steve, Factoids.COM, Professor Dandy's World of Facts and Little Celebs, but what I found was impressive was there was only one advert in the whole comic and Desperate Dan got the back page! One step closer to the front! :D

Bad news is the great, big ugly barcode on the front of all the Dandy's of Great Britain, the printing this week went wrong so the Dandy went without the barcode... Luckily got hold of mine! 

Now to talk about the one thing we've all been waiting for since the revamp, when is Korky going to get his well deserved one page? Well the answer is... this issue! Phil Corbett treats us all to a lovely one pager story on a spoof world of Narnia featuring the lovable cat himself, Korky! What a lovely surprise to see him in there, I hope he can keep hold of that one page though!

In other news, the Bogies featured a new character! Gob the Bogie Hunter! Yet another brilliant story drawn by Nigel Auchterlounie! Bananaman is getting better, this week's story must be my favourite Bananaman story so far! And Twit-ter has reappeared!

And now for a little treat, we opened up our Dandy's to find what? That's right, a classic Dandy character featuring in Kid Cops! Please welcome, Greedy Pigg! Greedy Pigg featured in the Dandy during the 1960's all the way up to the 1980's! He was a greedy teacher who liked to eat things. Drawn by George Martin, he was one of the most popular Dandy characters at his time and now here he is after a 20 year (or so) break in the new revamped Dandy, he is the second classic character to of appeared in the new Dandy, (the first being Beryl the Peril, featuring in Cheryl's Hair) and I hope he might stay... What a surprise it was to see him in there! Wait, I've said that already...

Also Clive 5 is finally getting better, the stories are seeming to not follow the same storyline; which is good as I was never one for ongoing stories (minus Robot on the Run)... That robot reminded me a bit of Brassneck ;)

So anyway, sorry for boring you all to tears, I did go on a bit :)
Anyway why are you still reading this? Get out and buy your Dandy today!
Wait... That was a bit cheesy...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Dandy Quiz


Who drew Korky the Cat in Issue 1?
What was the name of the genie in My Own Genie?
Name 3 comic strips that joined the Dandy from the Nutty comic.
Who was Agent Dog 2 Zero's arch enemy?
Complete these famous duos comic strip names
1) Cuddles and ...
2) Ham and ...
3) Bully Beef and ...
4) Big Head and ...
5) Jak and ...
6) The Jocks and the ...
Name all 5 of the Dandy characters who appeared on the front cover...
Brian Walker was famous for drawing which clumsy boy?
What is Little Eric's surname?
Who draws Bananaman in the Dandy as of today?
How long has Desperate Dan been drawn by Jamie Smart?
Who draws Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat?
The Dandy title as of today is drawn by which artist?
True or False? Beryl the Peril first appearance was in the Dandy
Name Ollie Fliptrick's two best mates
Desperate Dan's favourite drink is...?
True or False? Aunt Aggie (Desperate Dan's aunt) had a comic strip in the Dandy once
Barrie Appleby (the old artist of Cuddles and Dimples) draws what comic strip in the Dandy as of today?
True or False? The Banana Bunch (from the Beezer) featured in the Dandy Xtreme
Which of these comic strips did not feature in the Dandy?
a) Keyhole Kate
b) Our Gang
c) Punch and Jimmy
d) Barney Boko
e) Tristan
What is Korky the Cat riding on, on the front cover of the Dandy Book 1980?

If you can answer all of these correctly, good on you!

Damn it!

I just lost the Game...

Sorry people...

Monday, 6 December 2010

Dennis and Gnasher

Basically, I don't believe that everyone in the Beano was pleased with the new Dennis...

Have a look through the issues since the new Dennis arrived, both Laura Howell and Dave Eastbury drew their characters reading the Beano, but showed them reading a Beano with the old Dennis the Menace in the front....

Tom Paterson and Jimmy Hansen both risked adding the catapult into their stories, but in the end, Hansen's was just an April Fool joke...

Jimmy Hansen also risked changing Dennis back to his old, loved version.... He slowly began to move Den's mouth up to his eyes, plus for about 5 issues, he gave adults in the comic strip four fingers instead of three...

However Nigel Parkinson kept Dennis relatively the same, even keeping the lined teeth... Barrie Appleby also draws the Beano many times in his Roger the Dodger stories with the new Dennis on the front cover.... Now I could be wondering, maybe Barrie wants a turn at drawing Dennis and Gnasher as well...

I'll upload some pictures soon to go with this by the way...

David Mostyn - The Art of Cartooning

Went down to the town today, anyway I was looking in the Works and I found a book that caught my eye, now usually I find how to draw books and stuff pointless as you must find your own style, but as soon as I saw the great David Mostyn's artwork on the front I immediately went over and opened the book.

The content is amazing! it even teaches you how to draw a comic strip! He doesn't teach you how to draw as such but instead teaches you to improve on your artwork and ideas. I must admit, it's very inspiring!

I've learnt a great deal from it... Like positioning and different styles as well...

So basically, if you see this book, pick up and have a look (Ooh, I'm a poet, and I didn't know it :))

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Keep, Not Bothered, Evict?

With the Dandy revamped, the Dandy team wants to know what rocks or sinks your boat... Here's mine:


  • Desperate Dan (make two pages and main character)
  • Bananaman (Make two pages and have Chris McHigie draw it again)
  • Korky the Cat (Make whole page)
  • The Bogies (Make two pages)
  • Dr Doctor 
  • George VS Dragon
  • Pre-Skool Prime Minister
  • The Mighty Bork
  • Kid Cops
  • Postman Prat
  • Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat
  • One-off strips (Twit-ter, the Not-so-Secret Millionaire, Jamie Oliver Twist etc)
  • Robot on the Run
  • TV Teaser


  • Jibber and Steve
  • Factoids.COM
  • Little Celebs
  • Puzzle Pages
  • Noel or No Noel?
  • Professor Dandy's World of Facts
  • Pepperoni Pig

  • Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land (Featuring Knitted Character)
  • The Phantom Pharter Series
  • Clive 5
  • What's in Cheryl's Hair Today?/What's in Wagner's Hair Today?

What's yours? Post below... :)

You gotta love Free stuff!

Sometime this year, I went down to Devon to see my grandparents, anyway we were in a corner shop and something caught my eye, I saw a newspaper there and on the front cover it said this "Free Whizzer and Chips comic inside!" 
Now when I saw this I immediately went to the till and paid for the newspaper which only cost 20p or so. I have the Whizzer and Chips comic right here with me now in all it's glory, here's the front cover:
Whizzer and Chips Front Cover -
 Sid's Snake - Mike Lacey

PG 1: FRONT COVER: Sid's Snake (in colour)
PG 2: Sid's Whizz Kids page
PG 3: Superstore
PG 4: Happy Families
PG 6: Whizz Wheels
PG 8: Lazy Bones
PG 9: Shiner (in colour)
PG 10: Shiner's Chip-ite Page
PG 11: Pete's Pockets
PG 12: Thingumajig
PG 14: Sammy Shrink
PG 15: Fun Fillers - Potty Plants & Skateboard Silent
PG 16: Wear 'Em Out Will
PG 17: The Slimms
PG 18: Harry's Haunted House
PG 19: Money Talks
PG 20: Hover Boots
PG 21: Theo's Thinking Cap
PG 22: Fuss Pot (in colour)
PG 23: Sweet Tooth 
PG 24: Whizz Kids V Chip-ites Puzzle Challenges
PG 26: Tiny Tycoon
PG 28: Odd Ball 
PG 29: Advert
PG 30: BACK PAGE: Joker (in colour)

The comic is from 8th April 1978 and is in fantastic condition! :D

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Been clearing through my room today and found a comic from the 1990's called Cosmic, here's the front cover:

Cosmic! - Issue 0

This particular issue is Issue 0 strangely. Issue 0 didn't cost a penny....

It featured two stories, Captain Cosmic and Taliska's Travels in Time. Out of the two, Taliska's Travels in Time was my favourite because it was interactive and fun... 

Captain Cosmic - Cosmic!
Sorry it's not straight...
The comic came out in 1997, (the year I was born), so heavens knows how this one got to my collection. 

It claims to be 'The BEST kids' magazine in the universe!', but sadly it wasn't very well known and I couldn't find anything about it on Google... So it never really accomplished it's slogan...

I have no idea who draws these two comic strips but I quite like the art style....

Taliska's Travels in Time - Cosmic!

Strangely Taliska's Travels in Time reappeared in the Sainsbury's Kid's Stuff puzzle book when Sainsbury's and Take a Break teamed up, here's the proof,

Kids' Stuff

At last, some puzzle fun for the kids.
This summer we've teamed up with Sainsbury's to produce an exclusive version of Kids' Stuff; a 100 page puzzle-packed magazine with puzzles for kids aged 7 to 11. Kids' Stuff issue 2, on sale now, also features a 12 page colour story featuring Taliska and Quark and their time-travelling adventures in Ancient Egypt. All this plus sensationally soaking water balloons but only available from Sainsbury's.
Take a Break 

I actually have the issue so I'll upload it when I find it :)

Fine and Dandy!

The Dandy - Issue 3513

Finally after long last, I got The Dandy, issue 3513 and I must admit, it was definitely worth the wait, here's what was in there...

PG 2: Contents
PG 3: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land (Nigel Parkinson)
PG 7: The Extreme Makeover & The Trouser Factor (Chris McHigie)
PG 8: The Mighty Bork (Wayne Thompson)
PG 9: The Not-so-Secret Millionaire (Laura Howell), Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat (Duncan Scott), The Phantom Pharter Series (Nigel Parkinson) & Noel or No Noel? (Wayne Thompson)
PG 10: Kid Cops (Lew Stringer)
PG 11: Advert D:
PG 12: The Bogies - The B Team (Nigel Auchterlounie)
PG 13: Bananaman (Wayne Thompson)
PG 14: Little Bruce Forsyth (Nigel Parkinson) (In black and white)
PG 15: Madvertisement - Toilet Duck (Nigel Auchterlounie)
PG 16: Pre-Skool Prime Minister (Jamie Smart)
PG 18: Puzzle Page - Skull Mountain (Jamie Smart)
PG 19: The Not-so-Secret Millionaire (Laura Howell), Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat (Duncan Scott), Dr Doctor (David Mostyn) & TV Teaser (Garry Davies)
PG 20: Shao Lin Punks (Wayne Thompson)
PG 21: Game - Do you Dare?! (Nigel Auchterlounie)
PG 22: Advert D: (replaces Jibber and Steve and Factoids.COM)
PG 23: Robot on the Run (Alexander Matthews)
PG 24: Postman Prat (Lew Stringer) 
PG 25: What's in Wagner's Hair Today? (instead of What's in Cheryl's Hair Today?)
PG 26: Clive 5 (Nigel Auchterlounie)
PG 27: George VS Dragon (Andy Fanton)
PG 28: Pepperoni Pig (Wayne Thompson)
PG 29: Korky the Cat (Phil Corbett), Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat (Duncan Scott), The Not-so-Secret Millionaire (Laura Howell) & The Phantom Pharter Series (Nigel Parkinson)
PG 30: Desperate Dan (Jamie Smart)
PG 31: Next Time
PG 32: Advert D:

So, basically, what a fantastic issue! :D

A great treat to see something done by Laura Howell finally! And what a great character! :D

Bananaman was fantastic! I still don't like Wayne Thompson's artwork but I must admit, the artwork for this one was pretty good! 

The Madvertisement was hilarious this week! Some good jokes there! :D
Not an official Madvertisement, but I reckon it is one...

The Dandy Shorts (Issue 3513) - The Not-so- Secret
Millionaire (Laura Howell), Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat
(Duncan Scott), The Phantom Pharter Series (Nigel Parkinson),
Noel or No Noel? (Wayne Thompson)

Noel or No Noel is back with another good joke, could feature in every other issue.... The Phantom Pharter stories this time feature the team from Top Gear and Lady Gaga.

Also there's another story from popular comic strip, Pre-Skool Prime Minister. Probably one of the best so far! 

There's another 4 pager story of Harry Hill where he's in the jungle.... He does get around doesn't he! 

Korky the Cat features in a hilarious 3 panel story, drawn as usual by Phil Corbett, also in there is another great joke from Dr Doctor, another TV Teaser and some more crazy ways to use a Meerkat!

NOTE: Little Bruce Forsyth was printed in
Black and White instead of the usual colours.
This is because it's set in 1938, thus, before colour!
Very clever! :D (Nigel Parkinson)
Is it just me, or does Little Bruce look really creepy in Panel 3?!
Sadly no Jibber and Steve, Factoids.COM or Professor Dandy's World of Facts this issue.... J&S and Factoids.COM were instead replaced with what? You guessed it... Adverts! What is it with comics and all their adverts? I mean, you'd of thought last week's Beano was an advert special with all of that rubbish crammed in there...

So basically here's my old Beanotown-styled advertisement on The Dandy Issue 3513:

Harry Hill and Knitted Character are in the jungle, they do get around don't they?! Desperate Dan has hunger pains, uh oh! 

Nice to see you, to see you Nice, it's Little Bruce Forsyth! Can Bananaman become Lord Sugar's next apprentice? The Mighty Bork needs a bork-bork and he needs one now! Kid Cops meet the Council and the B Team fight a big (teddy) bear in The Bogies!

In Pre-Skool Prime Minister, it's time for the elections, let the name-calling begin! Simon Cowell gets an Extreme Makeover and there's more wacky ways of using a Meerkat with Simples! 

Can you escape Skull Mountain? Robot on the Run meets a large alien creature and we find out what on earth is in Wagner's Hair.

Postman Prat feels the cold, Clive tries to turn into a clever alien so he can do his maths homework in Clive 5 George gets a new horse in George VS Dragon and is it all go for Korky the Cat?

And as if that's not enough there's also The Not-so-Secret Millionaire, Noel or No Noel, Pepperoni Pig, The Phantom Pharter and Shao Lin Punks as well!

Next time it's the Christmas Special I do believe by the way! And it's also only £1.50! :D

Oh do any of you lot find this interesting at all?

Next Time - The Dandy - Issue 3513
Basically it says The Korky, the Witch and the Wardrobe, now, does anyone find it weird they'd mention Korky on the Next Time page if he's just a small 3 Panel Story... So what I reckon is Korky the Cat could be a 1 page story now, but I could just think this because I'm a Korky fan :)

I'm also interested in the Santa picture by Jamie Smart in the middle, on Fumboo, Jamie said he had another character coming soon to the comic... I'm wondering if this may be it :)