Saturday, 9 July 2011

Comic Football - Issue 0

There's a new comic out, and boy do I like it! After the failure of their first comic 'Rammie' they in the end made Comic Football which is brilliant. So what's inside?

PG 1: Front Cover
(Nice mixture of characters all in different styles, looks great. :))
PG 2: Welcome to Comic Football
(yet another brilliant mixture of characters which I think looks brilliant)
PG 3: The Team Sheet (Contents), a picture joke done on some computer graphic high tech program, and a football story by Duncan Scott
PG 4: Young Guns - Unknown
PG 6: Fred Stalker, Comic Football's Ace Club Reporter
PG 7: On the Bench - Nick Brennan
PG 8: Football Mad Dad - Unknown
PG 9: Ask Fibbs
PG 10: Acer & Kaos - Karl Dixon
PG 11: It's a Funny Ol' Game - Karl Dixon
PG 12: Advert
PG 13: The Quiz Page
PG 14: Pele the Parrot - Unknown
PG 15: The Notice Board
(One of the most crowded pages I have ever seen, not good...)
PG 16: The Fanshaws - Josh Alves
PG 19: Competition
PG 20: Head to Head
PG 22: Advert
PG 23: Captain Soccer - Unknown
PG 24: Junior Ref Julie - Nick Brennan
PG 26: 50,000 Years F.C. - Lew Stringer
PG 27: One Day... - Unknown
PG 28: Team Europa 2501!! - Unknown
(Beautiful artwork though!)
PG 30: Ask the Ref (Mini Strips) - Unknown
PG 31: You're not Singing Anymore - Unknown
PG 32: Back Page: Subscription Page

Young Guns - 8/10
(Nice artwork and looks to be a good story)
On the Bench - 10/10
(Some lovely artwork by Nick Brennan and a strong, funny storyline makes this comic strip one of the best!)
Football Mad Dad - 8/10
(Not too funny but some nice artwork all the same)
Acer & Kaos - 6/10
(What on earth was this about, two chavs who play football, probably one of the worst in the comic. The 'slang' is awful and doesn't work and choosing Comic Sans as the font was not a wise move, no offence Karl, you're a great artist and a great guy, but I've seen better stuff by you...)
It's a Funny Ol' Game - 9/10
(Don't like the look of the footballer/main character in this strip but I imagine this was deliberate, however on the whole this strip was good, funny, nice artwork by Karl as well.)
Pele the Parrot - 5/10
(Oh dear, worse than 'Acer and Kaos', why? Because of all the puns! The artwork itself wasn't bad, certainly not good either but not bad, but the puns ruined this strip... WHY SO MANY PUNS?!)
The Fanshaws - 9/10
(I like it a lot, sure the artwork isn't fantastic, but this strip feels classic, good fun and entertaining)
Captain Soccer - 6/10
(Bad artwork, bad storyline, not good.)
Junior Ref Julie - 10/10
(I love this strip, it feels classic, it's funny and the artwork is AMAZING!)
50,000 Years F.C. - 9/10
(Nice artwork and funny gags, a good page!)
One Day... - 2/10
(What the what?! What on earth is this ABOUT?! I didn't get this so it sucked.)
Team Europa 2501!! - 10/10
(The artwork is fantastic, really interesting storyline as well. Very promising!)
Ask the Ref - 10/10
(Ha ha! I love Ref Jokes, always make me laugh!)
You're not Singing Anymore - 5/10
(The artwork is ugly, the storyline is boring. Not good.)

Check out their website for more info:

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