Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Beano Summer Annual 2011

Finally got it today after a long struggle, thank goodness!

Okay, first quick scan through and I can sadly confirm that about 90% of it is reprints annoyingly, luckily I have never read any of them!


PG 1: Front Cover
PG 2: Whiteness...
PG 3: Beano Stickers
PG 4: More whiteness...
PG 5: Dennis telling you about 'Magic 3D'
PG 6: Introduction...
PG 8: Puzzle: Search and Colour - Barrie Appleby? REPRINT
PG 10: Puzzle: Great Dino Search - David Parkins REPRINT
PG 12: Puzzle: The Lost Beano World - Nigel Parkinson REPRINT
PG 14: Puzzle: Bite-Size Puzzles - Mixture
PG 16: Minnie the Minx - Nigel Parkinson REPRINT
PG 18: The 3 Bears - Unknown REPRINT
PG 20: Board Game: Rumble in the Jungle - Jimmy Glen REPRINT
PG 22: Puzzle: The Beano Spooky Castle - Mixture
PG 24: The Bash Street Kids - Barrie Appleby REPRINT
PG 29: Puzzle: Wordsquare REPRINT
PG 30: Puzzle: Summer Sizzlers - Robert Nixon REPRINT
PG 32: Puzzle: Sea Search - Mixture REPRINT
PG 33: Puzzle: Summer Fun - Mixture REPRINT
PG 34: 'Bizarre' (In other words, boring page-waster)
PG 35: Dennis the Menace and Gnasher ('Apparently' Retro Beano, more like...) REPRINT!
PG 41: Roger the Dodger and Tricky Dicky - Barrie Appleby REPRINT
PG 42: Board Game: Meet Nessie - Jimmy Glen REPRINT
PG 44: Poem: Summer Time Rhymes - Gordon Bell REPRINT
PG 46: The Numskulls - Nigel Parkinson REPRINT
PG 48: Billy Whizz - Wayne Thompson/Stripz - Duncan Scott REPRINTS
PG 50: Crazy for Daisy - Nick Brennan REPRINT
PG 52: Ivy the Terrible - Tony O'Donnell REPRINT
PG 53: How to Draw Ivy - Bob Dewar
PG 54: Dennis the Menace and Gnasher (Not Dennis and Gnasher, silly title...) - Nigel Parkinson REPRINT
PG 56: Puzzle: What a Pair!
PG 57: Les Pretend - John Sherwood REPRINT
PG 58: Freddie Fear - Dave Eastbury REPRINT
PG 59: Robbie Rebel - Ken Harrison REPRINT
PG 60: Billy Whizz - Nick Brennan (possibly a reprint, looks like his older style...)
PG 61: Joke Page: Mad Jokes - Duncan Scott REPRINT
PG 62: Jack Flash - Nigel Parkinson REPRINT
PG 63: Puzzle: Funfair Wordsearch - Mixture REPRINT
PG 64: Puzzle: Spot the Difference
PG 65: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland NEW!
PG 73: Puzzle: Awkwardly placed Spot the Difference
PG 74: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland NEW!
PG 77: Puzzle: Spot the Difference
PG 78: Minnie the Minx - Tom Paterson REPRINT
PG 80: The Numskulls - Unknown/Stripz - Duncan Scott REPRINT
PG 82: Roger the Dodger - Barrie Appleby REPRINT
PG 84: Casino Beano - Nigel Parkinson REPRINT
PG 85: Ivy the Terrible - Diego Jourdan NEW!
PG 89: Board Game: Bubble Game - Jimmy Glen REPRINT
PG 90: Joke Page: Jokes with the Beano Gang in space for some reason. - Unknown REPRINT
PG 92: Photo Laffs: Fun and Highland Games - Trevor Metcalfe REPRINT
PG 94: Little Plum - Hunt Emerson REPRINT
PG 96: The Numskulls - Barry Glennard NEW!
PG 100: Bicycle Repair Kids - David Sutherland REPRINT?
PG 102: Puzzle: Tricky History REPRINT?
PG 104: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland NEW!
PG 108: Bea - Nigel Parkinson REPRINT
PG 109: Picture: Rascals' Regatta - Unknown REPRINT
PG 111: Tongue Twisters - Mixture
PG 112: Minnie the Minx - Steve Bright REPRINT
PG 114: Roger the Dodger - Barrie Appleby REPRINT
PG 116: Minnie the Minx goes under Fred's Bed - Tom Paterson NEW!
PG 120: Puzzle: The Ancient Egypt Quest
PG 122: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland REPRINT
PG 124: Roger the Dodger - Barrie Appleby NEW!
PG 128: Ball Boy - Dave Eastbury REPRINT
PG 130: Puzzle: Batty Maze
PG 131: Whiteness...
PG 132: More whiteness...
PG 133: Guess what? That's right, more whiteness...
PG 134: Back Page: Synopsis

Okay, I hate reprints but there are a few good things about this, e.g. I haven't read ANY of them! And there are quite a lot of new stories...
- The Bash Street Kids x2 (11 pages/4 pages)
- Ivy the Terrible (4 pages)
- The Numskulls (4 pages)
- Minnie the Minx goes under Fred's Bed (4 pages)
- Roger the Dodger (4 pages)

My only problems with this annual are...
1) The white pages, in total there are 5 pages of it, they could easily of added at least two more comic strips then!
2) The quality of the reprints, some are terrible. The colours look awful.
3) The 'magical 3D effect' A.K.A. A load of rubbish. You don't even need the 3D as 1) It doesn't work and 2) It hurts my eyes.
4) The front cover. It's terrible. Really bad. Couldn't they at least make a decent front cover like the Broons/Oor Wullie Summer Annual front cover? No, obviously not.
5) It's paperback, not hardback. It feels more like an activity book than an annual.
6) The fact it claims: 'and all your favourite Beano pals' when it doesn't, where's Super School, Ratz, Lord Snooty the Third, Biffo and Calamity James? The awkward thing is the stickers have pictures of all the 'current' characters yet only half of these actually feature in a comic strip!
7) The choices of comic strips. Why? Why did they think this was a good idea, no Calamity James, Biffo or Ratz to name a few, yet they used Jack Flash, I ask once again, WHY?!

Anyway, is it worth buying? Yes, it is, the comic strips are mostly decent, Diego's 4 pager Ivy is fantastic as is Minnie the Minx goes under Fred's Bed. However others like Jack Flash and Robbie Rebel are just terrible. All in all it's a good buy, has it's few faults but overall is a brilliant book which any comic collector should have on their shelf.

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