Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Dandy - Issue 3537

What a brilliant week for comics this week, we had the 44 page Beano and Dandy and the Beano Summer Comic No.1, yippee!

Anyway, on with the review and this week was yet another brilliant week for the Dandy, let's see why...

PG 1: Front Cover: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in  TV Land - Nigel Parkinson
(Groan! Just when I thought would escaped celeb front covers)
PG 2: Jokes (Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in  TV Land - Nigel Parkinson)
PG 3: What's Inside? (Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in  TV Land - Nigel Parkinson)
PG 4: Pre-Skool Prime Minister - Jamie Smart
PG 6: Harry and his Hippo - Andy Fanton
PG 7: Madvertisement: Zzz $aver$! - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 8: Little Little Richard Hammond - Nigel Parkinson
(What, Jeremy Clarkson is Richard's DAD?! My mind is blown...)
PG 9: Shorts: Rubbish Superheroes (The Flush) - Garry Davies NEW!, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No. 91) - Wayne Thompson, Freddy the Fearless Fly - Phil Corbett, Old MacDonald's Facebook Farm - Karl Dixon
PG 10: Hysterical History: William Wallace - Karl Dixon NEW!
PG 11: Where's Harry? - Nigel Parkinson
PG 12: Justin Beaver - Stu Munro
PG 13: Yore - The Etherington Brothers
PG 14: Bone-O - Mike Donaldson
PG 15: Sea Dogs - Steve Beckett
PG 16: Bananaman - Wayne Thompson
PG 18: Puzzle: Gaz of the Titans - Nik Holmes
PG 19: Shorts: Rubbish Superheroes (Captain Wonder) - Garry Davies, Terror Byte - David Banks (So glad it's back!), Knock! Knock! - Garry Davies, The Grown-up Way VS The Right Way: Organisation - Karl Dixon
PG 20: Desperate Dan's Cowboy Talk! - Jamie Smart (sort of)
PG 22: The Arena of Awesome - Jamie Smart
(Pullout: The Bogies Stickers)
PG 24: Prank: Dandy Fake Report Cards
PG 25: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - Nigel Parkinson
PG 29: Shorts: Saint Evils - Stephen Walker, The Grown-up Way VS The Right Way: Fear of Spiders - Karl Dixon, Fat Cat - Paul Palmer NEW!, Rubbish Superheroes (Bogey Man) - Garry Davies
PG 30: Dandy Subscription Page
PG 31: The Gleeks - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 32: The Bogies - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 33: Smashed Hits: All the Dinner Ladies (All the Single Ladies - Beyonce Knowles) - Paul Palmer
PG 34: Mailbag
PG 36: Advert: Dandy YouTube Channel/Dandy Website
PG 37: Korky the Cat (or should I say 'Xorky the Cat'?) - Phil Corbett
PG 38: Clown Wars - Nik Holmes
PG 39: Shorts: Rubbish Superheroes (B.O. Boy) - Garry Davies, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No. 92) - Wayne Thompson, Twit-ter - Nigel Auchterlounie, Jibber & Steve - Nigel Parkinson
PG 40: Puzzle: Korky's Wool Wars - Phil Corbett
PG 41: George VS Dragon - Andy Fanton
PG 42: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart
PG 43: Next Week: (Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land, Rubbish Superheroes (The Incredible Guff), Justin Beaver, Pre-Skool Prime Minister and Little Ant and Dec)
PG 44: Back Page: Inside!(Pre-Skool Prime Minister, Desperate Dan, Clown Wars, The Arena of Awesome)

Review very soon

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