Monday, 28 February 2011

The Beano - Issue 3574

Sorry it's a bit late, been busy lately, anyhoo, let's see what this week's issue was like!

PG 1: Front Cover - Barrie Appleby
PG 2: Whassup? With Dennis! and Contents
PG 3: Dennis and Gnasher - Barrie Appleby
PG 5: Billy Whizz - Nick Brennan
PG 6: Minnie the Minx - Laura Howell
PG 8: Britain's Funniest Gag (BFG)
PG 9: Competition: Masters of Mayhem: Dennis and Gnasher Puzzle
PG 10: Ball Boy - Dave Eastbury
PG 11: Advertisement: LEGO City - Diego Jourdan
PG 12: The Numskulls - Barry Glennard
PG 14: Meebo and Zuky - Laura Howell
PG 15: Beano Subscription Page
PG 16: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland
PG 18: Little Plum - Hunt Emerson
PG 20: Beano V.I.P. plus a surprise in the Beano Inbox!
PG 22: Fred's Bed - Tom Paterson
PG 24: Lego Hero Factory Puzzle Pages
PG 26: Retro Beano: The Bash Street Kids and Pup Parade (strangely titled 'The Bash Street Dogs')
PG 28: Roger the Dodger - Barrie Appleby
PG 30: Advertisement: The Dandy: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart
PG 31: Ivy the Terrible - Diego Jourdan
PG 32: Back Page: Gimme, Gimme! and WWE Kids Advertisement

Amazing issue, Dennis used his beloved, much missed catapult, pea shooter and water pistol! Hooray! The Menace is back in town!
Minnie the Minx was very funny, Laura's style looking amazing once more and really suiting the story, wouldn't of been as good if it was by Ken Harrison...
Ball Boy and Meebo and Zuky were both 100% funny, fantastic artwork with laugh out loud stories!
Other great stories this week included Fred's Bed, Ivy the Terrible and Billy Whizz...
And now over to the part which was a great surprise, me featuring in the Beano V.I.P.! It was my review from the issue about two or three weeks ago, they featured Roger the Dodger, Meebo and Zuky and Billy Whizz, the only thing that annoyed me was that they changed my comments slightly, cutting off parts, nothing *too* major but still a tad annoying...
LEGO City annoyed me, not only was it a reprint of the story the issue before, but they also got rid of Diego's signature, altered the strip removing the backgrounds, stars and the 'E!' from 'RELEASE!' for some odd reason...

Dennis and Gnasher - 10/10
Billy Whizz - 9/10
Minnie the Minx - 10/10
Ball Boy - 10/10
LEGO City - 9/10 (story-wise)
The Numskulls - 7/10
Meebo and Zuky - 10/10
The Bash Street Kids - 5/10
Little Plum - 8/10
Fred's Bed - 9.5/10
Roger the Dodger - 8/10
Ivy the Terrible - 10/10

Retro Beano:
The Bash Street Kids - 9/10
Pup Parade - 10/10

Great issue, best in a while!


  1. Seen this week's issue? It has another Dandy ad - Bananaman vs Bully Beef and Chips!

  2. Yep! I thought it looked great, to be honest it was one of the best stories in the Beano that week! ;)