Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Wizzo - Issue 3 (Finally!)

After over a year, Issue 3 of the Wizzo has finally been finished!
Since November 2010 , we have been working on Issue 3, well, we started way back in January 2010 but we weren't getting anywhere so in November we had a massive revamp! Here's the contents:

PG 1: Front Cover - Harry Rickard
PG 2: Contents - Harry Rickard and Hannes Smit
PG 3: Blong - Harry Rickard
PG 5: End of Blong and Rover - Harry Rickard
PG 6: Zappy - Harry Rickard
PG 8: End of Zappy and The Game - Kieren Gillespie
PG 9: i-Wish - Harry Rickard
PG 10: Tiny Tim - Kieren Gillespie
PG 11: Shorts: Robert Robot - Harry Rickard, Tall and Small - Hannes Smit, Joust Joking - Harry Rickard, The Weather Man - Jonathan Barham
PG 12: Jumbo Jet - Hannes Smit
PG 14: Advertisement for Letter Lives and Jungle Jeopardy - Harry Rickard
PG 15: Magic Buns - Sue Nicholls
PG 16: Stupid Steve - Sam Jones
PG 18: Arty's Know How - Harry Rickard
PG 20: Tornado Tommy - Jonathan Barham
PG 21: Crash Test Dummies - Kieren Gillespie
PG 22: Get a Job Bob - Hannes Smit
PG 24: Frank's Footie Team - Harry Rickard
PG 25: WizzKids (puzzle page) - Kieren Gillespie
PG 26: James Pond - Harry Rickard
PG 27: Shorts: How the Dinosaurs Died Out - Hannes Smit, Crazy Cartoons - Kieren Gillespie, Frankie - Hannes Smit, Bill the Buyer - Jonathan Barham
PG 28: Patrick the Prankster - Harry Rickard
PG 30: Chav and Jim - Hannes Smit
PG 31: Next Time
PG 32: Back Page: Wizzo Chibis - Harry Rickard


  1. Action-packed - I like it!

    I just have to mention... that brown-haired guy towards the bottom right... he looks somehow... familiar.

  2. What, like Dennis? It's not meant to be based off him... He's an inventor and his inventions always go wrong...

    Thanks :D

  3. Hahaha!We thought issue 3 was done nearly a year ago!