Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Beano - Issue 3586

The Beano - Issue 3586
Sorry for the delay, tests, Wizzo and so on so yeah... Anyway, I'm back, that's good news isn't it?!

So, The Beano, first review in around 13 days or so. So, on with the review!

PG 1: Front Cover: Dennis and Gnasher - Barrie Appleby
(Incredibly poor compared to last week's. Looked like it was put together in 10 minutes...)
PG 2: Advert: Donkey Kong Country Returns
(1. 2 page advert. Yippee. -.- 2. DK Country Returns came out AGES ago, why advertise it now?!)
PG 4: Contents
PG 5: Dennis and Gnasher - Barrie Appleby
PG 8: Ratz - Hunt Emerson
PG 9: Advert: Beano Comic Maker Kit and Beano Summer Annual
PG 10: The Numskulls - Barry Glennard
PG 12: Minnie the Minx - Ken Harrison
PG 14: Meebo and Zuky - Laura Howell
PG 15: BSK Pull Out Cover
(1. What happened to 'BSK Fact File'? 2. Same picture now 3 weeks in a row...)
PG 16: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland
PG 18: Playground Pleasers
PG 19: Ball Boy - Dave Eastbury
(I don't care what the Beano Review say about Dave, he's one talented man.)
PG 20: Retro Beano: The Country Cuzzins - Hugh Morren
(Yippee! I've never heard of this strip! Nice choice because it's not one a lot of people had heard of.)
PG 21: Gimme! Gimme!
PG 22: Fred's Bed - David Sutherland
PG 24: Fred's Foul Facts
(Brilliant new title, looks fantastic! Only problem is it's a bit too big now meaning less facts....)
PG 25: Beano Subscription Page
PG 26: Billy Whizz - Nick Brennan
PG 27: Advert: LEGO Pharoh's Quest
PG 28: Roger the Dodger - Robert Nixon
(I'm sorry but what on earth. What was going on here? I'm very scared how Roger's feet are twisted around. O.o Also what's with the joke being a mirror image one, in other words 'flipped'?! Also doesn't take much to fool Roger's mum...)
PG 30: Gnasher's Bite - Jimmy Hansen
(Sadly not on the back cover, and why is that... Cos there's two frickin' adverts on the second to last and back page!!) >:(
PG 31: Advert: Donkey Kong Country Returns Puzzle
PG 32: Advert: Donkey Kong Country Returns


New part in my blog:

TOTAL OF BEANO RELATED STUFF (that's not a comic strip): 8

The rest of my blog entry will be coming soon!


  1. Country Cuzzins is the strip which ended to make way for Billy Whizz.

    And you're right about DKC Returns being out for ages already - that advert (which annoyingly is also in the Dandy) should've appeared a couple of months ago instead IMHO.

  2. Thanks for the info James, interesting to know!

    I have a big problem with that advert, 1) As it's the same thing basically for 4 pages, 2) It's in the Dandy as well!! 3) It came out months ago, I should know, I have it!

  3. Late post but anyhow, let's get on with it!

    If you're interested, I have the first two appearances of "The Country Cuzzins" in my collection (dated Feb 23/Mar 2nd '63), so if you'd like to see them (or any other strips from the 60's for that matter!) just drop me a line and I can easily put them up on my blog for you! :)

  4. Hi It would be great to see the first 2 appearances of The Country Cuzzins on your blog...Cheers