Sunday, 1 May 2011

I've found another one!

Okay, you're probably wondering, 'what do you mean?' well, I can explain. 

On the Dandy Facebook Page, a kid by the name of Josh Champion posted 3 comic strips of past Dandy characters (which can be found here, here and here), I got in touch with him and soon he got a deviantART account, from here it was simple, after he uploaded some AMAZING artwork I asked whether he wanted to join the Wizzo, to which he basically replied yes. 

He got to work and started producing stories for a new comic strip which was originally just an adventure series of his own but then became a Wizzo story... Anyway, I'm now rambling on so I'll just get to the point... 

The first of Josh's strips is called 'Team Time', it's a brilliant strip which involves 3 kids, one from 1911 called Timothy (some humour having him in black and white unlike the rest of them!), one from the present day called Timmy and the final boy from the year 2111 called Tinny, all three are related and it's the same kid through different time periods. You can read the first and second strips here and here

The second strip is a combined effort between Josh and I, it's a short strip (soon we're having a third page of shorts for you! Ooh you lucky people!) anyway, Josh does the drawing and I write some of the scripts. So far there's been 3 Baldy strips with more on the way! You can read them here, here and here. It's basically about a man who's been very unfortunate to be named 'Baldy' by his parents, anyway, the strips show the good and bad things to being bald and his crazy adventures of trying to get hair and so on. Also as if that's not bad enough, he's soon introduced to the 'Bald Hate Club' who basically go after bald people. Poor, poor Baldy...

Anyway, that's about all for now, be sure to check out his devaintART page and follow him on his Twitter page, okay, that's about it so yeah, bye and stuff!


  1. Harry, is something wrong? You haven't posted here for 11 days now.

  2. I'm really sorry, just been SO busy at the moment, had tests in school and stuff so yeah, no time at the moment! :(
    I will upload them all soon, I feel really annoyed with myself...