Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Phoenix Comic

It's looking very promising indeed, after the saddening fall of the DFC comic I believed it was all over for the company, and then this happens, a brand new comic named the Phoenix Comic, does it look good? We don't know yet, but I can say I love the logo!

The logo for the Phoenix Comic

It's claimed to be a humour/adventure comic which I quite like the sound of, I hope there's more humour than adventure but I doubt it. Anyway, here's a promotion poster for the comic which tells you a lot of info, a lot more than I can say! ;)

Ooh, poster!!
Four frame funnies eh? Maybe trying some mini strip stories like the Dandy? Not surprised really, they work like a charm, we have mini strips/shorts as well in the Wizzo!

The only thing that worries me is 'Real World Wonders', apparently this comic is non-fictional as well, that makes it surely more like a magazine! :O

Hopefully they'll use some old DFC comic strips as well as new ones, I'd love to see more of Fish Head Steve, Vern and Lettuce, Bodkin and Bear and Little Cutey. All brilliant strips!

Check out the Phoenix website for more information including a helpful comic blog!

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