Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Beano - Issue 3580

The Beano - Issue 3580           £1.50
Wow. The Beano was incredible this week, with the paper now a lot thicker and less flimsy, the comic stays upright and feels a lot better. Anyway this week, we see Barack Obama making an appearance for the second time in the comic. Some people would be annoyed by this but I don't see a problem with it, after all, it's not like Obama is staying in the comic or featuring in a comic strip, it's just a guest appearance. Anyway what's inside this week's issue?  Here's what:

PG 1: Front Cover (Featuring Dennis and Gnasher as well as Obama)
PG 2: Contents
PG 3: Dennis and Gnasher - Barrie Appleby
Dennis and Gnasher - Barrie Appleby
PG 5: Beano Subscription Page
PG 6: The Numskulls - Barry Glennard
PG 8: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland
PG 10: Meebo and Zuky - Laura Howell
PG 11: Gimme! Gimme!
PG 12: Minnie the Minx - Ken Harrison
PG 14: Billy Whizz - Nick Brennan
PG 15: Next Time
PG 16: Gnasher Poster
PG 18: Ball Boy - Dave Eastbury
PG 19: Beano Retro Shop
PG 20: Retro Beano (Dennis the Menace - Davey Law)
PG 22: Fred's Bed - Tom Paterson
PG 24: Beano V.I.P.
PG 26: B.F.G. (Britain's Funniest Gag)
PG 27: Gnash-ional Treasure - Nigel Parkinson NEW!
PG 28: Roger the Dodger - Barrie Appleby
PG 30: Advertisement - The Dandy (Boo - Andy Fanton)
PG 31: Advertisement - Rio
PG 32: Back Page: Advertisement - Legend of the Guardians

Now I see why people are annoyed with this week's, having Obama on the front cover and politicians inside but really I don't see a problem in it... It's a one-off of these appearing, they're not like Harry Hill who appears annoyingly in the Dandy EVERY WEEK! It's just a harmless celeb making an appearance, nothing wrong with that...

Anyway, on with the review!


- Dennis and Gnasher - 10/10
- Great story with lots of menacing plus a fantastic caricature of Obama!
- The Numskulls - 8/10
- It was okay, not too funny but certainly not as bad as most week's...
- The Bash Street Kids - 10/10
- Very good, although I would've liked to see the Florence as the nurse but then the story wouldn't work...
- Meebo and Zuky - 9/10
- Absolutely horrible! Fantastic artwork with a disgusting but great storyline!
Minnie the Minx - Ken Harrison
- Minnie the Minx - 9/10
- Not bad, seemed to drag on a bit though, got a bit bored plus i don't like it when the Teacher gets all gullible and acts dumb... Silly Teacher... Lovely artwork though, loved the planet list in Panel 2 with Pluto crossed out!
- Billy Whizz - 10/10
- Nice idea plus I loved the part where Bob rang Billy and the Billy appeared behind him within a frame! Great humour!
- Ball Boy - 10/10
- The artwork = Fantastic, storyline = fantastic, characters = fantastic, well done Dave Eastbury, you have and well and truly blew me away.
- Fred's Bed - 9/10
- Great idea, I loved how Fred went back in time to stop Fred and then the crazy ending with the confusing but funny Fred paradox idea of Fred stopping Fred stopping Fred to end up in detention.
- Gnash-ional Treasure - 9/10
- I liked it but what I didn't get was why Gnasher was at 10 Downing Street in the first place, very confusing, but still great ending with nice artwork by Nigel.
- Roger the Dodger - 9/10
- Well 1) It's not a reprint, thank goodness! And 2) The artwork is fantastic, unfortunately the storyline isn't as good but still a nice idea.

Now there isn't a very big character roster this week but still look, NO REPRINTS!

Anyway next week is a 40 Page Lego special (second Lego special we've had now and you get exactly the same free gifts as last year), I think it'll cost £2.50 but hopefully it'll be worth it with 40 pages of comic strips instead of the dreaded issue a few months ago  also known as the 'Advert Special'

The Beano, on sale now for only £1.50.

Pictures found on George Shiers' Blog.


  1. Stupid poster was pixellated, too low resolution. :(

    At least Roger doesn't seem to be a reprint.

    15p price increase, but at least it has the same better paper stock as The Dandy now. Feels thicker than last week's Beano even though it's the same size. Well worth the extra pennies.

  2. Ah yes, indeed. Still a nice added free gift, although I'd never take it out as it would remove Ball Boy from the comic, that's problem with posters, there always seems to be comic strip on one of the sides...

    Roger wasn't a reprint, you can tell by title, the old Roger the Dodger stories have the title going along instead of each word on a new line... I think. :/

    Definitely, glad to pay the extra 15p if the comic is in better quality! Feels a lot thicker and not at all flimsy thank goodness! A good move for the comic! :)

  3. Hey, you edited the post to include images! Nice idea. Did you scan them yourself, or were they "borrowed" from other blogs like the images in the Dandy post? My scanner's busted. Must buy a new one soon...

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  5. Nice post - I see you "borrowed" the scans from my blog! I don't have a problem with that though :)

  6. Sorry, I was going to credit you for the pics but I had to go, will edit now! :)
    Thanks by the way! :D

  7. @James
    This week I had to resort to using other pics found on blogs but hopefully after that it'll be back to scanning, it's just a lot easier getting them off the internet!
    Thanks to Geroge Shiers blog Whacky Comics for the pics!