Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Dandy - Issue 3530

The Dandy - Issue 3530
Just amazing, this comic is beautiful. Long may it last. :)

PG 1: Front Cover - (DESPERATE DAN!! - Jamie Smart)
PG 2: Jokes (It's awkward how Jak, Todd, Cuddles and Dimples all appear even though they no longer feature... Also the Mighty Bork and Korky the Cat which obviously don't fit in at all.)
PG 3: What's Inside? (With the Dandy Editor - Wayne Thompson)
PG 4: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - Nigel Parkinson
PG 6: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart
PG 7: Madvertisement: The Hofficial Hoff Fan Club - Chris McGhie
PG 8: Kid Cops - Lew Stringer
Draw Awesome! - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 9: Shorts: Britain's Not Got Talent - Karl Dixon NEW!, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No. 71) - Duncan Scott, Freddy the Fearless Fly - Phil Corbett, Jibber and Steve - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 10: Create a Comic (Korky the Cat - Phil Corbett)
PG 11: How not to run a Marathon - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 12: Bone-O - Unknown NEW!
PG 13: Clown Wars - Nik Holmes
PG 14: The Bogies (Optimus Slime) - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 15: Smashed Hits - Unknown
PG 16: The Arena of Awesome (Simon Cowell VS David Hasseldyhoff!!) - Jamie Smart
PG 18: Yore - The Etherington Brothers
PG 19:  Shorts: Britain's Not Got Talent - Karl Dixon, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No. 71) - Duncan Scott, Twitter - Nigel Auchterlounie IT'S BACK!, Grampire - Andy Fanton
PG 20: Puzzle Page: Korky's Fun Fishing Page - Phil Corbett
PG 21: Justin Beaver - Stu Munro
PG 22: The London Marafun! - David Mostyn
ADDED STUFF! (Bananaman Poster and Make your own Dan and Korky!)
PG 24: Competition: Make me a Monster (for Yore)
PG 25: Bananaman - Wayne Thompson
They're back!
George VS Dragon -Andy Fanton
PG 29: Shorts: Britain's Not Got Talent - Karl Dixon, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No. 71) - Duncan Scott, Nibbles - Unknown, Terror Byte - David Banks
PG 30: Advertisement - The Dandy Website and WWE Kids
PG 31: Little Cheryl Tweedy/Cole - Nigel Parkinson
PG 32: Draw Awesome! - Nigel Auchterlounie (It really is awesome!)
PG 33: Korky the Cat - Phil Corbett
PG 34: Thingummyblob - Jamie Smart (HATS!!)
PG 36: Dandy Subscription Page
PG 37: George VS Dragon - Andy Fanton THEY'RE BACK!
PG 38: Puzzle Page: The Bogey-blocked Nazal-Maze! - Hunt Emerson
PG 39: Shorts: Britain's Not Got Talent - Karl Dixon, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No. 71) - Duncan Scott, Knock! Knock! - Garry Davies NEW!, Newsblast - Wayne Thompson IT'S BACK!
PG 40: Farm-ula One - Wayne Thompson
PG 41: Mailbag
PG 42: Space Dogz - Nigel Auchterlounie NEW!
PG 43: Next Time (Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land, Springwatch NEW!, Hoff-tacular stuff, Is your teacher an alien? And the big 'un, The Arena of Awesome - Beano Editor (Mike 'First Strike' Stirling VS Dandy Editor ('Crushin' Craig Graham))
PG 44: BACK PAGE: Desperate Dan -Jamie Smart

Space Dogz (The Space Dogz of Space) - Nigel Auchterlounie

Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - 9/10
There's an simple reason why I surprisingly liked this week's Harry Hill, because it has something to do with Come Fly with Me and I actually got the jokes...
Desperate Dan - 10/10
Jamie once again amazes us with another fantastic Desperate Dan story, this time about his beloved, lost teddy bear Mister Boo-Boo. It truly is fantastic!
Madvertisement - 9/10
The Dandy go Hoff mad this issue, this madvertisement is hilarious! Plus we also get some beautiful artwork thrown in by Chris McGhie.
Bone-O - Unknown
Kid Cops - 8/10
It was all okay up to the end, the pun was pretty poor and to be honest, the Kid Cops didn't really help that much...
How NOT to run a Marathon - 9/10
Very funny, my favourite parts being 1 and 4, some nice artwork by Nigel A as well.
Bone-O - 8/10
Well, there was no humour that's for sure... But I like the artwork a lot plus it looks really professional!
Clown Wars - 10/10
So funny, Clown Wars is fantastic as a one page story, the story goes on for longer and it's a lot more funnier!
The Bogies - 9/10
Absolutely bonkers, some great humour as well with Nick Clegg in a teapot and really small, great stuff by Nigel!
Smashed Hits - 6/10
What a waste of a page. Good use of rhyming and took some skill but it was really, really boring.
The Arena of Awesome - 10/10
So funny, David Hasseldyhoff was great with his speech about UHMERIKA*, loved the ending as well, Jamie you are a genius.
The Arena of Awesome - Jamie Smart
* - America ;)
Yore - 10/10
Hee hee! Real ladies go SQUISH! Doombar, you are a genius. I loved this week's, easpecially Doombar's fantastic comments and the funny stuff he does! Plus Lorenzo's artwork is outstanding as always.
Justin Beaver - 10/10
What is there not to love about this strip? You have a great storyline, funny jokes (The Award for song with 'Love' in it somewhere was hilarious!) and you also have a mini find the Dandy/Topper characters game! Have you found all 3? I have with the help of the brilliant Stu Munro himself! See if you can find them, there's Beryl the Peril, Korky the Cat and Marvo the Wonder Chicken in this week's!
The London Marafun - 8/10
Some brilliant artwork here by David Mostyn but sadly because of the poster in the middle, it's hard to read and play...
Bananaman - 10/10
Absolutely brilliant, give a pat on the back to the genius I thought we deserved four pages of the silly superhero! Right at the beginning we're already in for a laugh with the table tennis gag, Wayne's art in this one is also incredible, a lot of hard work and time has gone into this strip, Wayne is the king of facial expressions! There's some more great humour including the Pong going on in his brain and the utterly hilarious guide dog bit! The Louis Spence statue is very funny and Fat Cat and the Banker are fantastic looking villains, plus it's a continued strip! Yippee!
Little Cheryl - 8/10
The 'Tweedy/Cole' joke is very funny but that's about it, Nigel's artwork isn't amazing in this strip plus what is up with Little Simon's eyelashes?! O.o
Draw Awesome! - 10/10
"Yeah! Box body!!" This strip is fantastic, Nigel does a great job with this one, his quick and loose and that's what's so great about it! A great way to show something which is incredibly boring to do!
Korky the Cat - 9/10
Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart
Nice story, quite funny, nice squid gag and some good facial expressions, plus you gotta love Korky one pagers!
Thingummyblob - 10//10
HATS!! So funny, Thingummyblob is adorable, I just want to hug him! Whatsidoodle is also great and I love the picture of Thingummyblob as a hat on Whatsidoodle's head! Jamie has done an amazing job with this one, will somebody please give Jamie a knighthood!
George VS Dragon - 10/10
Of course it gets 10/10, they're back, yippee!! Gosh I've missed 'em, in fact I missed 'em so much I drew a picture of them to celebrate their return (See below)! Also, I loved the 'Delightfully Civil Snowman'!
Farm-ula One - 9/10
Some great jokes here with the steakhouse bit and Michael Moo-macher. Also liked the idea of having a Red Bull as a racer!
Space Dogz - 8.5/10
Hmm, not bad but certainly not fantastic, this strip lacked something, not sure what though... I liked the artwork though and the idea of using the characters' heads next to the speech bubbles, nice idea!
Desperate Dan - 10/10
I loved this, everything about it is fantastic, from the battery of the mobile phone to the adorable mountain pig, this strip was fantastic!


Britain's NOT got Talent (Strip 1) - 5/5
Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No.71) - 3/5
Grampire - Andy Fanton
Freddy the Fearless Fly - 4/5
Jibber and Steve - 4/5
Britain's NOT got Talent (Strip 2) - 5/5
Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No.72) - 2/5
Twitter - 5/5
Grampire - 5/5
Britain's NOT got Talent (Strip 3) - 4/5
Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No.73) - 5/5
Nibbles - 4/5
Terror Byte - 5/5
Britain's NOT got Talent (Strip 4) - 5/5
Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No.74) - 5/5
Knock! Knock! - 4/5
Newsblast - 5/5

And here's the picture I did for the return of George VS Dragon, coming soon to Andy's blog!


The Dandy - Issue 3530, 44 Page Special (with free gift), on sale now for only £2.50!

Kid Cops - Lew Stringer
Pictures from Lew Stringer's, Andy Fanton's, Jamie Smart's Facebook Page, The Dandy's Facebook Page and George Shiers; Blog. 
Thank you. :)


  1. That must be the first time either Beano or Dandy have used the editor's full name in the comic. Dandy has previously referred to theirs as just Craig (inside back cover, and it doesn't even say he's the editor) while Beano has shown photos but always not named their editors.

  2. Only thing I moaned at was that I actually got the wrong free gift with mine.
    Not that I actually care that much considering that I hate free gifts...

    And yes, I did hate Smashed Hits. They should know I hate fart humour. |:(

  3. @James Spiring:
    Seems so, looks fantastic, can't wai tfor next week!
    That's annoying, I mean big deal about free gifts but really, you should complain...
    Yeah, Smashed Hits was so bad.
    @George Shiers:
    Pinkinfrench got the squishy mess thing (the first free gift since revamp) instead...
    Also thanks for letting me use your pictures on my blog, it really helps! :3