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The Dandy - Issue 3529

The Dandy - Issue 3529       £1.50
Both comics were fantastic this week, both a great laugh with fantastic stories! Here's the contents:

PG 1: Front Cover (Featuring Harry Hill)
PG 2: Jokes with Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart
PG 3: What's Inside? (Featuring Harry Hill)
PG 4: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - Nigel Parkinson
Grampire - Andy Fanton    NEW!
PG 6: Bananaman - Wayne Thompson
PG 7: Madvertisement: Actifartia - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 8: The Mighty Bork - Wayne Thompson
PG 9: Shorts: Grampire - Andy Fanton NEW!, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No. 68) - Duncan Scott, Freddy the Fearless Fly - Phil Corbett, Jibber and Steve - Nigel Auchterlounie BACK!
PG 10: Strictly come Laughing Title Page
PG 11: Harry and his Hippo - Andy Fanton
PG 12: Daredevil Dad - Steve Beckett
PG 13: Tag Team Tastic - Warwick Johnson Cadwell
PG 14: Phil's Finger - Chris McGhie
PG 15: Kid Cops - Lew Stringer BACK!
PG 16: The Arena of Awesome (Mutant VS Shakespeare) - Jamie Smart
PG 18: Professor Popalot - Lorenzo Etherington
PG 19: Shorts: Grampire - Andy Fanton, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No. 69) - Duncan Scott, Off the Vine - Peter Player, Korky the Cat - Phil Corbett
PG 20: Yore - The Etherington Brothers
PG 21: The Bogies (Evel Knasal) - Nigel Auchterlounie
Justin Beaver - Stu Munro   NEW!
PG 22: Dandy Subscription Page - Farm-ula One - Wayne Thompson
PG 23: Farm-ula One - Wayne Thompson
PG 24: Thingummyblob - Jamie Smart
PG 26: Mailbag
PG 27: Clown Wars - Nik Holmes
PG 28: Bananaman - Wayne Thompson
PG 29: Shorts: Grampire - Andy Fanton, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat (No. 70) - Duncan Scott, Nibbles - Unknown, Terror Byte - David Banks
PG 30: Justin Beaver - Stu Munro NEW!
PG 31: Next Time (featuring the Free Gift (Gnashing Teeth), Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land, Space Dogz NEW!, Britain's got no Talent, Bone-O NEW!
PG 32: Back Page: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart


Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - 9/10
Bananaman - 8/10
Madvertisement - 7/10
The Mighty Bork - 8/10
Harry and his Hippo - 10/10
Daredevil Dad - 9/10
THEY'RE BACK! Kid Cops - Lew Stringer
Tag Team Tastic - 8/10
Phil's Finger - 9/10
Kid Cops - 9/10
The Arena of Awesome - 10/10
Yore - 9/10
The Bogies - 10/10
Farm-ula One - 8/10
Thingummyblob - 10/10
Clown Wars - 10/10
Bananaman - 9/10
Justin Beaver - 9/10
Desperate Dan - 10/10


Grampire Story 1 - 5/5
Simples! No. 68 - 4.5/5
Freddy the Fearless Fly - 4/5
Jibber and Steve - 5/5
FINAL STRIP: Harry and his Hippo - Andy Fanton
Grampire Story 2 - 5/5
Simples! No. 69 - 4/5
Korky the Cat - 5/5
Grampire - 4/5
Simples! No. 70 - 5/5
Nibbles - 3/5
Terror Byte - 5/5


- Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land 
- I can't believe I'm saying this but this story was great this week, great ending and a good laugh!
- Harry and his Hippo 
- Funny story, loved the idea of the Cabbage King haunting Hippo's dreams!
- Daredevil Dad
- The craziness and creativeness of this strip makes it brilliant every week!
- Phil's Finger 
- Nice story with brilliant artwork!
- Kid Cops
- Just great to see 'em back in the comic again!
- The Arena of Awesome
- We're studying Shakespeare at school so this strip was perfect, the humour was great plus the part about the plays was genius, I guess you could say the mutant thought Shakespeare was a temPEST! Ha ha! I'm a genius... Well... Maybe...
- Yore
- Fantastic strip, fairly gory yet not too gory... Plus the artwork for this week's was fantastic as was the storyline.
- The Bogies
- Very funny, The Bogies is getting better and better each week!
- Thingummyblob
LAST STRIP: Tag Team Tastic - Warwick Johnson Cadwell
- Two pages of crazy Jamie Smart fun with the lovable green creature Thingummyblob, what's not to love?!
- Clown Wars
- This page works a lot better as a one page strip, the story goes on longer plus there's more Nik Holmes goodness to enjoy!
- Bananaman
- I liked the continuous story idea plus the fact there were TWO stories!
- Justin Beaver
- A great parody with some great drawings, unfortunately the quality has come out badly on the writing so it's a bit blurred and gives me a headache to read...
- Desperate Dan
- This is great as it shows just how far Dan will go to get things his way, very funny plus lovely artwork by Jamie!

The Dandy is on sale now for only £1.50 for 32 pages of fun! Literally, there are no adverts this week!
Also next week is the Dandy Bumper Special with 44 pages again for only £2.50, that's twelve extra pages and new characters! :D WOOO!

Plus next week, it's the return of Andy's fantastic twosome George VS Dragon, here's a picture found on Andy's blog!

THEY'RE BACK! George VS Dragon - Andy Fanton
With George showing us his lovely, new beard!
Also please vote for the Strictly come Laughing contest, I recommend voting Harry and his Hippo or Daredevil Dad because they're both fantastic!  Vote here!

And now a final picture just to scare all you lot!


Pictures found on Andy Fanton's, Lew Stringer's, The Etherington Brothers' and Steve Beckett's blogs.

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