Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My Dream Beano

Feel free on this blog entry to post your dream Beano...

PG 1: Front Cover and Dennis the Menace - Tom Paterson/Jimmy Hansen/Steve Beckett
(Beano related here, no rubbish about adverts and win this and that, classic front covers with comic strips and cartoons)
(Keep Dennis the same as the 2009 Tom Paterson version but with some changes, 1) catapult, pea shooter, 2) Make him menacing and lose the angelic smile, 3) Make Walter a softy again.)
PG 2: Contents - Any artist (Take turns)
(It gets boring, same old contents, with all this rubbish about latest kid's shows and non related comic stuff, how about any artist draws a crazy cartoon picture featuring the Beano characters from that issue, have this feature every issue, like Leo Baxendale's fantastic content pages he drew for the Annuals)
PG 3: Biffo - Laura Howell/Andy Fanton/Phil Corbett
(Ditch 'the Bear' and Buster, make it a silent strip like before, to achieve this, use an artist like Laura Howell who I imagine will be great at silent strips, another good choice would be Andy Fanton or Phil Corbett
PG 4: Billy Whizz - Nick Brennan
(Keep it the same, it's a classic already, there's no need to ruin it)
PG 5: Baby Face Finlayson - Jamie Smart
(A classic and what better way to bring it back than to have Jamie Smart draw it? He has a great imagination and the perfect humour)
PG 6: Minnie the Minx - Steve Beckett
(I'm friends with Steve Beckett on deviantART and his art style for Minnie is fantastic, not too cartoony but not too realistic either...)
PG 8: Ball Boy - Dave Eastbury
(One of my favourite strips, keep it exactly the same!)
PG 9: Little Plum - Hunt Emerson
(Hunt's Little Plum was fantastic! A real treat to read!)
PG 10: The Numskulls - Barry Glennard/Tom Paterson
(Let the two share this strip, introduce more than just Edd's Head and don't have it all focused on the five Numskulls, bring more of them into it.)
PG 12: Shorts: New Character, Joe King - Jimmy Hansen, New Character, New Character
PG 13: Meebo and Zuky - Laura Howell
(Have more slapstick cartoon comedy and violence, this comic strip is capable of doing so, it just hasn't shown this yet...)
PG 14: The 3 Bears - Mike Pearse
(One and a half pages, The 3 Bears have hilarious stories and Mike Pearse's art style suits it)
PG 15: End of 3 Bears and Stripz - Duncan Scott
(Seemed quite popular, no idea why they dropped it...)
PG 16: Super School - Lew Stringer
(Lew's Super School is fantastic! Sadly though it hasn't featured in aagggeeesss! Oh and it deserves two pages!)
PG 18: Robbie Rebel - Ken Harrison
(He's popular and some of his stories are quite funny)
PG 19: End of Robbie Rebel and Big Eggo - David Sutherland
PG 20: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland/Mike Pearse/Tom Paterson
(Sharing the comic strip allows more interesting stuff, people get bored seeing the same style all the time.)
PG 23: Beano Subscription 
(Make it funnier like the Dandy's, maybe in the form of a comic strip)
PG 24: Our Fans (previously Beano V.I.P.)
(Let's ditch the V.I.P. thing, also have it so it shows good artwork as well as a few photos and whatnot, but only have it take up one page, Dandy Xtreme managed it...)
PG 25: Horror and Lardy - Laura Howell
(First of all, this was Sam's idea for a new story and I must say I like it! Second of all, make it black and white like Laurel and Hardy used to be)
PG 26: Fred's Bed - Tom Paterson
(It's a great strip and Tom draws it so well)
PG 28: Ivy the Terrible - Diego Jourdan 
(Make it two pages, but don't make the comic as dark as usual, bright colours!)
PG 30: Life in the Beano Office - Barrie Appleby
(From Beano Annual 2011, like the Sparky People from the Sparky)
PG 31: The Carrotty Kid - Andy Fanton
(A great story with a great artist which needs recognising)
PG 32: Freddie Fear - Dave Eastbury
(Keep with the new style)
PG 33: Ratz - Hunt Emerson and Laura Howell
(They were a good team!)
PG 34: Uh Oh Si Co - Nigel Parkinson
(Who cares if it lost! It's great!)
PG 35: Shorts: New Character - Andy Fanton, New Character, New Character - Phil Corbett, New Character
PG 36: Roger the Dodger - Barrie Appleby
(Barrie's style is great but make the dodges more realistic like in the old classics)
PG 37: End of Roger the Dodger and Dodge Clinic - Barrie Appleby
(From the 1980's when readers sent in there problems and Roger would give them dodges to use)
PG 38: Home Invasion - David Sutherland
(It lost but it was good! Two pages will expand the story so more can happen, also make it funny, Zap Zodiac was a continuous story which was funny so why can't this be?)
PG 40: Billy the Cat - Laura Howell/Nigel Dobbyn
(Different styles but both great!)
PG 42: General Jumbo - Steve Beckett
PG 44: Calamity James - Tom Paterson
PG 45: Harley the Pig - Jimmy Hansen
(Like Rasher but with Harley)
PG 47: New Character
PG 48: Lord Snooty III and his Pals - Nigel Parkinson
(Go for classic Snoots but have Snoots III obviously as Snoots, 1 and 3 as Snitch and Snatch, Frankie as a mixture of the girls, Naz as Thomas or Scrapper and Emo as Thomas or Scrapper, also introduce a new dog for Snoots which can be like Angus)
PG 49: Next Time
PG 50: Back Page: Beano Manga - Laura Howell

Phew! :D

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