Monday, 31 January 2011

The Wizzo - Issue 3

Hello people, back again for another blog entry, this time for promoting my own comic!

The Wizzo, Issue 3 will be out next week and for the first time ever, we're going to attempt to sell this to people outside our school! 

Here's the official contents of Issue 3!

PG 1: Front Cover - Harry Rickard
PG 2: What's Inside? - Harry Rickard and Hannes Smit
PG 3: Blong - Harry Rickard
PG 5: End of Blong and Rover - Harry Rickard NEW!
PG 6: Zappy - Kieren Gillespie
PG 8: End of Zappy and The Game - Kieren Gillespie NEW!
PG 9: i-Wish - Harry Rickard NEW!
PG 10: Tiny Tim - Kieren Gillespie
PG 11: Shorts: Robert Robot - Harry Rickard NEW!, Tall and Small - Hannes Smit NEW!, Joust Joking - Harry Rickard, The Weather Man - Jonathan Barham NEW!
PG 12: Jumbo Jet - Hannes Smit NEW!
PG 14: Advertisement for Letter Lives and Jungle Jeopardy - Harry Rickard
PG 15: Magic Buns - Sue Nicholls NEW!
PG 16: Stupid Steve - Sam Jones NEW!
PG 18: Arty's Know How - Harry Rickard
PG 20: Tornado Tommy - Jonathan Barham NEW!
PG 21: Crash Test Dummies - Kieren Gillespie NEW!
PG 22: Get a Job Bob - Hannes Smit NEW!
PG 24: Frank's Footie Team - Harry Rickard
PG 25: WizzKids: Chav's Hoodies - Kieren Gillespie
PG 26: James Pond - Harry Rickard NEW!
PG 27: Shorts: How the Dinosaurs Died Out - Hannes Smit NEW!, Crazy Cartoons - Kieren Gillespie NEW!, Frankie - Hannes Smit NEW!, Bill the Buyer - Jonathan Barham NEW!
PG 28: Patrick the Prankster - Harry Rickard
PG 30: Chav and Jim - Hannes Smit
PG 31: Next Time
PG 32: Back Page: Wizzo Chibis - Harry Rickard NEW!

The comic will cost £1.00 and half of the money we earn will go towards J.D.R.F. in a hope to find a cure to Diabetes Type 1. 

If you're interested in buying an issue then please contact either via e-mail or via deviantART

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