Sunday, 9 January 2011

Why have these been the best few months ever!?

Well you see it all started when...

1) New Beano Website - On here I met some old mates from the old website including my good friend jonnie12 (Jsb97)
2) jonnie12 joins deviantART
3) The Wizzo gets a revamp
4) The Dandy gets revamped
5) jonnie12 makes loads of new strips for the Wizzo after being hired
6) The Wizzo is doing well becoming quite popular on the internet
7) jonnie12 gets his new blog:
8) I get a blog, you know, that one you're on right now...
9) jonnie12 makes his Beano Forum:
10) The Wizzo's Facebook page appears
11) I send an e-mail to Andy Fanton about my artwork of which I get a reply
12) I become recognised by Andy Fanton
13) I make a Thank You card for Andy Fanton, Andy loves it and it appears on his blog
14) Andy remembers he has a deviantART account
15) I get loads of new watches and llama badges including Andy Fanton and Steve Beckett
16) I put my Thank You card on the Dandy Facebook Page, it getting 5 likes
17) I also get comments from Andy fanton and Lew Stringer!
18) I get in touch with Lew Stringer via his blog
19) All my mates from the Wizzo also get Andy Fanton watching them on DA
20) I am now producing a Carrotty Kid guest strip for Andy Fanton!

So yeah, what a fantastic past few months!

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