Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Beano - Issue 3577

The Beano - Issue 3577                £1.35

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, what a terrible issue, let's have a look at the content:

PG 1: Front Cover
(From the front cover, this looks like a great issue, well, I can tell you one thing, it sure wasn't.)
PG 2: Contents
PG 4: Dennis and Gnasher - Barrie Appleby
PG 6: Puzzle Pages: Formula Fun
PG 8: Billy Whizz - Nick Brennan
PG 9: BFG (Britain's Funniest Gag)
PG 10: Minnie the Minx - Ken Harrison
PG 12: Puzzle Page: It's for You!
PG 13: Beano Subscription Page
PG 14: The Numskulls - Barry Glennard
PG 16: The Bash Street Kids - David Sutherland
PG 18: Robbie Rebel - Ken Harrison (Reprint)
PG 19: Gimme! Gimme!
PG 20: Advertisement: uDraw
PG 22: Fred's Bed - Tom Paterson
PG 24: Retro Beano (Dennis the Menace) - David Law
PG 26: Beano V.I.P.
PG 28: Roger the Dodger - Barrie Appleby (Reprint?)
PG 30: 60 Second Dennis - Nigel Parkinson
PG 31: Advertisement: The Six Ages of Dennis and WWE Kids
PG 32: Back Page: Advertisement: Horrid Henry DVD

Oh dear, it's a repeat of the dreaded 40 pager 'advert special'...

Here's all the characters who were absent this week:
Ball Boy, Ivy the Terrible, Little Plum, Freddie Fear, Meebo and Zuky, Beano Manga, Ratz, Calamity James, Lord Snooty the Third, Super School, The 3 Bears, wow, that's a lot of characters...

Best this week were Roger the Dodger, Dennis and Gnasher and The Bash Street Kids
Worst being Robbie Rebel and 60 Second Dennis...

Hope next week's is a good 'un...

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