Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What has happened to the Beano?

The Beano, a favourite, well known comic for all ages, always funny, always entertaining and always a great read...
That is until now.
The Beano has gotten worse due to things like political correctness. I mean lets have a look at the character roster to begin with:

According to the Beano website it's:
Dennis and Gnasher, The Bash Street Kids, Billy Whizz, Minnie the Minx, The Numskulls, The 3 Bears, Ball Boy, Calamity James, Fred's Bed, Ivy the Terrible, Beano Manga, Meebo and Zuky, Ratz, Roger the Dodger, Lord Snooty the Third and Super School

They forget:
Robbie Rebel, Little Plum and Freddie Fear

There's also 60 Second Dennis but really that just counts as Dennis and Gnasher Story 2

Yet this week's included:
Dennis and Gnasher, Minnie the Minx, Billy Whizz, The Numskulls, The Bash Street Kids, Robbie Rebel, Fred's Bed, Roger the Dodger, 60 Second Dennis

So really they lie?

Surely the Beano should look like this:

PG 1: Front Cover
PG 2: Contents
PG 3: Dennis and Gnasher
PG 5: Billy Whizz
PG 6: Minnie the Minx
PG 8: Calamity James
PG 9: Ball Boy
PG 10: The Numskulls
PG 12: Lord Snooty the Third
PG 13: Meebo and Zuky
PG 14: Super School
PG 15: The 3 Bears
PG 16: The Bash Street Kids
PG 18: Robbie Rebel
PG 19: Robbie Rebel/Stripz
PG 20: Beano VIP
PG 22: Fred's Bed
PG 24: Little Plum
PG 26: Ratz
PG 27: Ivy the Terrible
PG 28: Beano Manga
PG 29: Freddie Fear
PG 30: Roger the Dodger
PG 32: Back Page: 60 Second Dennis

See, that fits perfectly... What do you think about the matter, do you think the Beano has become better, worse or still the same, post what you think below. :)

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