Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Toxic - Issue 180

Okay, this is a rare review, today  brought my third ever Toxic, I had nothing to read so I thought, yeah, why not buy it. Here's the contents, for once I will actually write a full review for I have a few opinions on the Toxic mag.

PG 1: Front Cover
PG 2: Guess What? (Red Nose Day)
PG 3: A load of boring, non-related rubbish
PG 4: Team Toxic - Lew Stringer
PG 6: Brain-Boggling Puzzles
PG 8: Spongebob's Funniest Bits
PG 10: Spot the Difference (Adventure Time?!)
PG 11: Robin Hoodie - Laura Howell
PG 12: Yogi Bear Poster?
PG 13: Toxic Gamer
PG 14: Puzzles
PG 16: Puzzle Page: Innocent Smoothies
PG 18: Lots of Cheats
PG 20: Pokemon: Black and White
PG 22: Video Game Fact Files: Luigi
PG 23: Mario and Sonic Poster?
PG 24: Celeb Jokes
PG 25: Gorilla Kid - Unknown
PG 26: Win all This!
PG 28: Zoikz - Unknown
PG 30: Sketch Pad
PG 31: Your Jokes and Next Time
PG 32: Back Page: Nose 'n' Arrow

Well, first of all I'd like to say there's one thing I hate about the Toxic, the amount of annoying American cartoons and stuff saying things in large caption bubbles that lead from their mouth, it really annoys me, I never like it when they use a picture from somewhere, and then add tacky captions with them speaking, the Beano and the Dandy both don't do it but this comic does, it's so annoying...
Secondly I'd like to mention the comic strips, this week (I believe) saw the first appearance of new character Gorilla Kid, not sure who it's drawn by but I love it, the idea is great, it has a classic feel to it and the artwork is old school fun! Robin Hoodie is hilarious, Laura did such a good job at this one, the story is very funny, it feels modern and yet at the same time classic... Then there's Zoikz which is okay, an adventure story about some weird viruses called Zoikz that mess with technology, it's okay but it was sold to the Toxic to advertise the website and game, still the stories are okay and the artwork isn't bad, but it's easily my least favourite... And finally Team Toxic, I love this strip, the artwork is fantastic, the storylines are always great plus this strip feels 'classic', Lew does a great job at drawing it and it's a nice story to read and one of the main reasons why  I buy the Toxic at times...

If you'd like me to carry on with Toxic reviews let me know below, thanks! :)

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