Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Dandy - Issue 3527

The Dandy - Issue 3527       £1.50
Okay, the Beano sucked this week, we all know that, so thank goodness that we had something to cheer us up afterwards!

PG 1: Front Cover (starring Bananaman) - Wayne Thompson
PG 2: Advertisement: Star Wars Figurines
PG 3: What's Inside? (Starring Desperate Dan) - Jamie Smart (sorta)
PG 4: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - Nigel Parkinson
PG 6: Bananaman - Wayne Thompson
Boo - Andy Fanton
PG 7: Madvertisement: Fly with me to the Moon? - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 8: Jokes (starring Pre-Skool Prime Minister)
PG 9: Shorts: Clown Wars - Nik Holmes, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat - Duncan Scott, Professor Dandy's World of Facts - Nigel Auchterlounie, Terror Byte - David Banks
PG 10: Strictly come Laughing
PG 11: Harry and his Hippo - Andy Fanton
PG 12: Daredevil Dad - Steve Beckett
PG 13: Tag-Team Tastic - Warwick Johnson Cadwell and Robin Etherington (Bad news guys, it's winning! :O )
PG 14: Phil's Finger - Chris McGhie
PG 15: Puzzle Page: Professor Popalot - Lorenzo Etherington
PG 16: Arena of Awesome (Evil Genius VS Lumberjack) - Jamie Smart
PG 18: Little Piers Morgan - Nigel Parkinson
PG 19: Shorts: Clown Wars - Nik Holmes, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat - Duncan Scott, Off the Vine - Peter Player, Korky the Cat - Phil Corbett
PG 20: Graeme Reaper - David Banks
PG 21: The Bogies (featuring the The Flying Snotsman) - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 22: Dandy Subscription Page
PG 23: Yore - The Etherington Brothers
PG 24: Thingummyblob - Jamie Smart
PG 25: Mailbag
PG 26: Stan Helsing - Nik Holmes
PG 27: Farm-ula One - Wayne Thompson
PG 28: Advertisement: Dandy website/WWE Kids
PG 29: Shorts: Clown Wars - Nik Holmes, Simples! 101 Ways to use a Meerkat - Duncan Scott, Nibbles - Unknown, Newsblast with Rocky O'Flair - Wayne Thompson
PG 30: Boo - Andy Fanton
PG 31: Next Week (featuring Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land, The Bogies (Gobzilla), Farm-ula One, Madvertisement (Fake parking ticket prank) and Freddy the Fearless Fly! :D NEW!)
PG 32: Back Page: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart

What an amazing issue!
Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - 9/10
Bananaman - 10/10
Madvertisement - 9/10
Harry and his Hippo - 10/10
Daredevil Dad - 10/10
Tag Team Tastic - 6/10
Phil's Finger - 4/10
Arena of Awesome - 9/10
Little Piers Morgan - 4/10
Graeme Reaper - 8.5/10
The Bogies - 10/10
Yore - 9.5/10
Thingummyblob - 10/10
Stan Helsing - 8/10
Farm-ula One - 5/10
Boo - 10/10
Desperate Dan - 9/10

The story was very funny, a great idea!
Harry and his Hippo
Crazy and hilarious!
Daredevil Dad
The artwork and the story were both fantastic!
The Bogies
Loved it, always liked the Flying Snotsman!
What's not to love about an innocent, huggable, sweet, cute, slimy creature dancing?
So funny, jokes everywhere plus a classic cameo by Freddy the Fearless Fly!

Tag Team Tastic
I hate this strip. It better not win, the artist is terrible, he has no skill, he just got lucky.
Phil's Finger
I didn't get it at all.
Little Piers Morgan
What was going on, I had no clue.

The Dandy, Issue 3527, on sale now for only £1.50.


  1. Good review.

    Let me just make a correction...

    Freddie the Fearless Fly. OLD!

    Next issue the Dandy will have 3 characters who appeared in issue 1: Dan, Korky and Freddie! Woot! The nostalgics will be delighted!

  2. That vote is so close that Phil's Finger is the only one unlikely to return, as it's way behind the others. The other three are overtaking each other all the time. Daredevil Dad is winning now, but both Tag-Team Tastic and Harry and his Hippo are only a few votes behind.

    By the way, Bananaman, by Wayne Thomspon? Whoops.

  3. Yes, it's a shame really, Phil's Finger had good artwork and the story idea was good in the first strip but then it became a celebrity strip and that's what I didn't like...

    So far the votes are:
    Daredevil Dad: 260
    Harry and his Hippo: 255
    Tag-Team Tastic: 223
    Phil's Finger: 61

    Hopefully if the scores stay that close they'll bring all the ones close together back like they did in Comic Idol once upon a time...

    Ah oops, thanks James, I'll change that! :)