Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fine and Dandy!

The Dandy - Issue 3513

Finally after long last, I got The Dandy, issue 3513 and I must admit, it was definitely worth the wait, here's what was in there...

PG 2: Contents
PG 3: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land (Nigel Parkinson)
PG 7: The Extreme Makeover & The Trouser Factor (Chris McHigie)
PG 8: The Mighty Bork (Wayne Thompson)
PG 9: The Not-so-Secret Millionaire (Laura Howell), Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat (Duncan Scott), The Phantom Pharter Series (Nigel Parkinson) & Noel or No Noel? (Wayne Thompson)
PG 10: Kid Cops (Lew Stringer)
PG 11: Advert D:
PG 12: The Bogies - The B Team (Nigel Auchterlounie)
PG 13: Bananaman (Wayne Thompson)
PG 14: Little Bruce Forsyth (Nigel Parkinson) (In black and white)
PG 15: Madvertisement - Toilet Duck (Nigel Auchterlounie)
PG 16: Pre-Skool Prime Minister (Jamie Smart)
PG 18: Puzzle Page - Skull Mountain (Jamie Smart)
PG 19: The Not-so-Secret Millionaire (Laura Howell), Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat (Duncan Scott), Dr Doctor (David Mostyn) & TV Teaser (Garry Davies)
PG 20: Shao Lin Punks (Wayne Thompson)
PG 21: Game - Do you Dare?! (Nigel Auchterlounie)
PG 22: Advert D: (replaces Jibber and Steve and Factoids.COM)
PG 23: Robot on the Run (Alexander Matthews)
PG 24: Postman Prat (Lew Stringer) 
PG 25: What's in Wagner's Hair Today? (instead of What's in Cheryl's Hair Today?)
PG 26: Clive 5 (Nigel Auchterlounie)
PG 27: George VS Dragon (Andy Fanton)
PG 28: Pepperoni Pig (Wayne Thompson)
PG 29: Korky the Cat (Phil Corbett), Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat (Duncan Scott), The Not-so-Secret Millionaire (Laura Howell) & The Phantom Pharter Series (Nigel Parkinson)
PG 30: Desperate Dan (Jamie Smart)
PG 31: Next Time
PG 32: Advert D:

So, basically, what a fantastic issue! :D

A great treat to see something done by Laura Howell finally! And what a great character! :D

Bananaman was fantastic! I still don't like Wayne Thompson's artwork but I must admit, the artwork for this one was pretty good! 

The Madvertisement was hilarious this week! Some good jokes there! :D
Not an official Madvertisement, but I reckon it is one...

The Dandy Shorts (Issue 3513) - The Not-so- Secret
Millionaire (Laura Howell), Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat
(Duncan Scott), The Phantom Pharter Series (Nigel Parkinson),
Noel or No Noel? (Wayne Thompson)

Noel or No Noel is back with another good joke, could feature in every other issue.... The Phantom Pharter stories this time feature the team from Top Gear and Lady Gaga.

Also there's another story from popular comic strip, Pre-Skool Prime Minister. Probably one of the best so far! 

There's another 4 pager story of Harry Hill where he's in the jungle.... He does get around doesn't he! 

Korky the Cat features in a hilarious 3 panel story, drawn as usual by Phil Corbett, also in there is another great joke from Dr Doctor, another TV Teaser and some more crazy ways to use a Meerkat!

NOTE: Little Bruce Forsyth was printed in
Black and White instead of the usual colours.
This is because it's set in 1938, thus, before colour!
Very clever! :D (Nigel Parkinson)
Is it just me, or does Little Bruce look really creepy in Panel 3?!
Sadly no Jibber and Steve, Factoids.COM or Professor Dandy's World of Facts this issue.... J&S and Factoids.COM were instead replaced with what? You guessed it... Adverts! What is it with comics and all their adverts? I mean, you'd of thought last week's Beano was an advert special with all of that rubbish crammed in there...

So basically here's my old Beanotown-styled advertisement on The Dandy Issue 3513:

Harry Hill and Knitted Character are in the jungle, they do get around don't they?! Desperate Dan has hunger pains, uh oh! 

Nice to see you, to see you Nice, it's Little Bruce Forsyth! Can Bananaman become Lord Sugar's next apprentice? The Mighty Bork needs a bork-bork and he needs one now! Kid Cops meet the Council and the B Team fight a big (teddy) bear in The Bogies!

In Pre-Skool Prime Minister, it's time for the elections, let the name-calling begin! Simon Cowell gets an Extreme Makeover and there's more wacky ways of using a Meerkat with Simples! 

Can you escape Skull Mountain? Robot on the Run meets a large alien creature and we find out what on earth is in Wagner's Hair.

Postman Prat feels the cold, Clive tries to turn into a clever alien so he can do his maths homework in Clive 5 George gets a new horse in George VS Dragon and is it all go for Korky the Cat?

And as if that's not enough there's also The Not-so-Secret Millionaire, Noel or No Noel, Pepperoni Pig, The Phantom Pharter and Shao Lin Punks as well!

Next time it's the Christmas Special I do believe by the way! And it's also only £1.50! :D

Oh do any of you lot find this interesting at all?

Next Time - The Dandy - Issue 3513
Basically it says The Korky, the Witch and the Wardrobe, now, does anyone find it weird they'd mention Korky on the Next Time page if he's just a small 3 Panel Story... So what I reckon is Korky the Cat could be a 1 page story now, but I could just think this because I'm a Korky fan :)

I'm also interested in the Santa picture by Jamie Smart in the middle, on Fumboo, Jamie said he had another character coming soon to the comic... I'm wondering if this may be it :)

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