Saturday, 4 December 2010


Been clearing through my room today and found a comic from the 1990's called Cosmic, here's the front cover:

Cosmic! - Issue 0

This particular issue is Issue 0 strangely. Issue 0 didn't cost a penny....

It featured two stories, Captain Cosmic and Taliska's Travels in Time. Out of the two, Taliska's Travels in Time was my favourite because it was interactive and fun... 

Captain Cosmic - Cosmic!
Sorry it's not straight...
The comic came out in 1997, (the year I was born), so heavens knows how this one got to my collection. 

It claims to be 'The BEST kids' magazine in the universe!', but sadly it wasn't very well known and I couldn't find anything about it on Google... So it never really accomplished it's slogan...

I have no idea who draws these two comic strips but I quite like the art style....

Taliska's Travels in Time - Cosmic!

Strangely Taliska's Travels in Time reappeared in the Sainsbury's Kid's Stuff puzzle book when Sainsbury's and Take a Break teamed up, here's the proof,

Kids' Stuff

At last, some puzzle fun for the kids.
This summer we've teamed up with Sainsbury's to produce an exclusive version of Kids' Stuff; a 100 page puzzle-packed magazine with puzzles for kids aged 7 to 11. Kids' Stuff issue 2, on sale now, also features a 12 page colour story featuring Taliska and Quark and their time-travelling adventures in Ancient Egypt. All this plus sensationally soaking water balloons but only available from Sainsbury's.
Take a Break 

I actually have the issue so I'll upload it when I find it :)


  1. err...WTF?!
    I have no Idea what this is BTW!

  2. Ha ha! It's a really unknown comic :)

  3. I have that too. Issue #0 was given away free with Take a Break magazine, then issue #1 was sold seperately. It only lasted a few months, if I recall. In other words, it completely bombed. The Taliska material in the Sainsbury's Kids Stuff mag will have been reprints.

  4. It was the same story in the Kid's Stuff comic as it was in Cosmic Issue 0. It was a pretty good comic to be honest, but Captain Cosmic was quite boring....

  5. Hello there, any chance I could pinch that cover scan for my Wiki article?


    1. Hello Neil,

      Of course you can!
      Nice to see someone making a Wiki article for it. Such a comic obscurity!