Monday, 20 December 2010

I need ideas!

Hi, the Wizzo needs new ideas and we need you to help! We're struggling to find new storylines so we want you to come up with some for us!

- No swearing or inappropriate stories
- No gory violence, violence is okay but goes to it's limits....
- Must be funny!

Here all the characters and what they do....
- Blong - Anything, doesn't speak (silent)
- Zappy - Inventions
- Chav and Jim - Skaters, Chav wears a hoodie that hides his face so Jim wants to see what he looks like underneath his hood.
- Tiny Tim - Menacing Toddler
- Robert Robot - Anything to do with robots
- Tall and Small - Tall and Small jokes
- Joust Joking - Picture Jokes
- The Game - Makes people lose the Game D:
- The Weather Man - About weather conditions and a man who controls it.
- Frank's Footie Team - Football
- How the Dinosaurs Died Out - Ways the dinosaurs became extinct.
- The Mud Fighters - They throw mud at people...
- iWish - Wishes for stuff
- James Pond - Fishing
- Stupid Steve - Like Smiffy from the Beano, stupid.
- Magic Buns - The bunny who gets up to a lot despite his owner believing he's boring.
- WizzHouse - About three kids who travel in time.
- Wizzo Chibis - Random stories, like Beano Manga.
- Frankie - Anything, literally anything...
- Crash Test Dummies - Cartoon Violence
- Super Pencil - H's a superhero who's a pencil.
- Jumbo Jet - Wants to fly, but he's an elephant.
- Get a Job Bob - Always tries to find jobs, but goes wrong...
- Tornado Tommy - Makes tornadoes
- Crazy Cartoons - Anything
- Bruiser - About a menacing dog, like Gnasher and Gnipper, Tiny Tim's dog.
- Jungle Jeopardy - About a hunter who fails at hunting for animals....
- Maddie Bout Money and Nora Penny - About a rich girl and a poor girl, like Milly O'Naire and Penny Less or Ivor Lott and Tony Broke from Fleetway.
- Mrs A or Bad Luck Buck - Both unlucky, like Calamity James.
- Patrick the Prankster - A practical joker, similar to Joker from Fleetway.
- The Wizz Street Kids - About a bunch of naughty pupils and their suffering teacher. Like the Bash Street Kids.

Thank you :D
Please send all your ideas to either this page or via e-mail at
Thank you once again.


  1. I'll continue to churn out tornado tommy, weather man and the mud fighters for ya wizzkid97! (I draw them for the comic). I have lots of ideas bubbling about in my head!