Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hey! Where did he go?

Anyone remember Count Snotula back in the first new, revamped Dandy? No? I'm not surprised, he only lasted one issue...

Anyway, it says he was new... Hmm, more like a one-off... 

He was drawn by Duncan Scott and I must admit, the story kind of made me feel sick... I mean, this freak-ish, vampire weirdo goes around eating people's snot and bogies. Eew, gross! The story was pretty good though, and I liked the ending... 

Now, if anyone can tell me why this character was dropped, please let me know, was it because he was a bad influence or he was pretty gross? What and picking your nose and naming your Bogies like in the Bogies isn't gross? Hmm?

Anyway I'm just curious, that's all, if anyone can tell me why he's gone, please let me know :)


  1. i think he was a one off Halloween Special

  2. It actually said so. Although it says "NEW!", it also says "Halloween SPECIAL!". The only full page strips which don't have a "NEW!" tag are Little Simon (as that strip is a different celeb each week), Bogies, Bananaman (those two aren't new) and Desperate Dan, which says "OLD!" instead!

  3. Good point.... I noticed that, and they didn't put 'NEW!' on Bananaman because it changed it's artist, but then again, why no old on the Bogies?