Thursday, 2 December 2010

The latest Dandy

Ah... Well... The thing is.... I don't have it yet.... The snow has stopped me....

But here's the front cover of what looks to be a promising issue....

The Dandy - Issue 3513

All I know is it Postman Prat, Harry Hill, Little Bruce Forsyth, Wagner (oh no) and Simon Cowell.... As soon as I get my hands in this issue I'll put up a review :)

Instead I will talk about the front cover quickly.... The new Dandy looks neat and different to the others.... The colours look great and the artwork looks super! Not sure the cartoony animals and the realistic (ish) Harry Hill work together though. :/ 

Simon Cowell's Trousers - Chris McHigie

Sadly Korky's disappeared from the front cover... :( Instead there's a nice picture of the weird blue people by Dandy artist Jamie Smart (artist of Desperate Dan and Pre Skool Prime Minister)

So the Dandy doesn't really have any sign of being the children's well loved comic except for the title....

Which leads me to my next point, the Dandy front covers need to be more recognisable... Maybe have a picture of Desperate Dan or something.... I'm not sure...

Postman Prat - Lew Stringer

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