Thursday, 9 December 2010

New Dandy!

It's that time again! The Dandy's out! Well actually it came out yesterday but I got mine today so there... Anyway, the Dandy was 100% AMAZING (as usual), here's the contents...

PG 1: Front Cover
PG 2: Contents (featuring Pre Skool Prime Minister)
PG 3: Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - Nigel Parkinson and Harry Hill
PG 7: In an Office somewhere in London - Wayne Thompson
PG 8: The Mighty Bork - Wayne Thompson (featuring the 11th Doctor :D)
PG 9: Shorts: Outside an Office somewhere in London - Wayne Thompson, Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat (No.19) - Duncan Scott, The Phantom Pharter - Nigel Parkinson, Noel or No Noel - Wayne Thompson
PG 10: Kid Cops - Lew Stringer (featuring classic Dandy character, Greedy Pigg!)
PG 11: Madvertisement: Santa's Sleigh - Wayne Thompson
PG 12: The Bogies: Gob the Bogie Hunter - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 13: Bananaman - Wayne Thompson
PG 14: Advert D:
PG 15: Have you been Naughty or Nice? (Puzzle) - Duncan Scott
PG 16: Pre-Skool Prime Minister - Jamie Smart
PG 18: The Sheriff of Dottingham (Dot to Dot puzzle) - Phil Corbett
PG 19: Shorts: In Santa's Grotto at the North Pole - Wayne Thompson, Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat (No.20) - Duncan Scott, Dr Doctor - David Mostyn, Twit-ter - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 20: Shao Lin Punks - Wayne Thompson
PG 21: In Santa's Grotto at the North Pole - Wayne Thompson
PG 22: Dandy Subscription (replaces Jibber and Steve and Factoids.COM)
PG 23: Robot on the Run - Alexander Matthews
PG 24: Postman Prat - Lew Stringer
PG 25: What's in Cheryl's Hair Today? - Duncan Scott
PG 26: Clive 5 - Nigel Auchterlounie
PG 27: Korky the Cat - Phil Corbett
PG 28: Pepperoni Pig - Wayne Thompson
PG 29: Shorts: TV Teaser - Garry Davies, Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat - Duncan Scott, In Lord Sugar's Office - Wayne Thompson, The Phantom Pharter - Nigel Parkinson
PG 30: George VS Dragon - Andy Fanton
PG 31: Next Time
PG 32: Back Page: Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart

Now what can I say about this issue, first of all I can say it's FANTASTIC! Second of all I can tell you Korky the Cat has a whole page and thirdly I can tell you the Christmas Special is next week!

Now, the Christmas Special... What can I say about it that will excite all of you? Easy, the Beano had 48 pages, now I hear you all say "Wow! That's a lot!" Well what about if I told you the amount of pages in the Dandy Monster Comic? (That's right, it's called the Dandy Monster Comic! Fantastic!)
32? Higher, 48? Higher, 56? Higher, 68? Higher... 76? Correct! Yes, you heard me, 76 pages of 100% funny comic awesomeness! 76 pages of non-stop comic stories! SEVENTY SIX PAGES OF FANTASTIC COMIC STRIPS OF EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE CHARACTERS!!!! 
Now Andy Fanton's confirmed there;s a two page George VS Dragon story in there, plus on the Dandy's Facebook page, they gave away there was a Little Lady Gaga comic strip plus there's all knew comic, Bear Thrills by Phil Corbett. also there's Harry Hill confirmed as well as the Glee Fever... Whatever that is... So what if it's £3.99, it'll be worth it! Think about it, if you get about 15 adverts, who cares? You'll still at least 61 pages of comic strips! :D

Best story this week was definitely George VS Dragon (as usual), the stories are fab, the art is amazing and everything about it is fantastic! Worst this week was probably Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land as I didn't get half the jokes and the story made no sense whatsoever.

Sadly thanks to the extra-long Santa and Alan Sugar story quite a few of the characters didn't appear... They were Jibber and Steve, Factoids.COM, Professor Dandy's World of Facts and Little Celebs, but what I found was impressive was there was only one advert in the whole comic and Desperate Dan got the back page! One step closer to the front! :D

Bad news is the great, big ugly barcode on the front of all the Dandy's of Great Britain, the printing this week went wrong so the Dandy went without the barcode... Luckily got hold of mine! 

Now to talk about the one thing we've all been waiting for since the revamp, when is Korky going to get his well deserved one page? Well the answer is... this issue! Phil Corbett treats us all to a lovely one pager story on a spoof world of Narnia featuring the lovable cat himself, Korky! What a lovely surprise to see him in there, I hope he can keep hold of that one page though!

In other news, the Bogies featured a new character! Gob the Bogie Hunter! Yet another brilliant story drawn by Nigel Auchterlounie! Bananaman is getting better, this week's story must be my favourite Bananaman story so far! And Twit-ter has reappeared!

And now for a little treat, we opened up our Dandy's to find what? That's right, a classic Dandy character featuring in Kid Cops! Please welcome, Greedy Pigg! Greedy Pigg featured in the Dandy during the 1960's all the way up to the 1980's! He was a greedy teacher who liked to eat things. Drawn by George Martin, he was one of the most popular Dandy characters at his time and now here he is after a 20 year (or so) break in the new revamped Dandy, he is the second classic character to of appeared in the new Dandy, (the first being Beryl the Peril, featuring in Cheryl's Hair) and I hope he might stay... What a surprise it was to see him in there! Wait, I've said that already...

Also Clive 5 is finally getting better, the stories are seeming to not follow the same storyline; which is good as I was never one for ongoing stories (minus Robot on the Run)... That robot reminded me a bit of Brassneck ;)

So anyway, sorry for boring you all to tears, I did go on a bit :)
Anyway why are you still reading this? Get out and buy your Dandy today!
Wait... That was a bit cheesy...

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  1. I know the jokes where terrible;

    'What's red and goes splat pow?
    A red splat pow!'

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hu? Noone else is laughing...