Friday, 17 December 2010

My e-mail from Mr Andy Fanton

Yeah, so basically I am over the moon :D
You've all heard of Andy Fanton, you know, the guy who draws George VS Dragon for the Dandy.... Yeah him :D
Anyway I sent him an e-mail months back! Here's what it said:

Hi Andy Fanton, love your artwork, I'm a massive fan of George VS Dragon as well as Carroty Kid.

Seeing as your a comic artist to one of my favourite comics, I'd like you to see some of my artwork I've done and see if it's up to Dandy-standards. The link to my page is below this. Please give me your honest opinion, how I could improve and anything else you wish to say.

Can't wait for your new character Boo to appear in the comic. Good luck with your new Dandy career by the way. :)

Anyway as I said, I sent this aaaggggeeeessss ago! To be honest I thought I was never going to get a reply, I was ignored...

But only this morning, I went on my e-mails and I was gobsmacked! There was a reply from Mr Fanton himself! :D

Here was the feedback:

Here's an e-mail of which I've received from Andy Fanton (artist of George VS Dragon and The Carrotty Kid)
I basically showed him some artwork, here's the reply I got which made my day!

Hi, Harry!

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, I've been suuuuuuuper busy doing George vs Dragons left, right and centre! I'm glad you're enjoying them, though - and thanks for all your support, I really appreciate it, especially as it's my first proper comics gig, so to speak!

Anyhoo - I looked at your stuff and I'm really impressed, you've DEFINITELY got talent there! Your style is great, and I love that you have so many ideas bubbling away there!

Whether it's up to Dandy standard yet, I'm not sure. I remember sending The Dandy some ideas when I was about 15/16 - an envelope crammed with strips, as I recall. I got a lovely letter back, offering me some good advice, and saying I had some skill there...but ultimately, I wasn't quite ready for the professional work at that stage. I'd agree (although at the time I was a little disappointed, naturally), as when I look at that stuff I can see how much I developed, even only a little after then.

Having said that, clearly your stuff is much better than whoever drew 'Simples' in the Xmas Dandy! Haha!

By all means send any stuff to if you want to let them see your work and see what they say. If they do pass, though, don't be too disheartened, is all I can say. If you're anything like me, you'll listen to whatever they say, take it on board, and keep on working. With the raw skill you have on display, and bucket-loads of determination and persistence, I am pretty much 100% confident you'll get to do whatever you choose!

Hope that's been of some use!

Thanks again for your kind words!



Yeah so.... wow! This made my day!

I'd like to thank Andy for bothering to answer me and for being so kind! :D


  1. Robert Robot is excellent, I was very amused by him shouting murderer at the boy as he takes the batteries out, and also the look on the boy's face.

    It is well drawn also. You should do some more of those :)

  2. Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it! Robert Robot has proved to be quite popular! :D

  3. Good to see that Andy wasn't too busy to reply to his fans. :)