Sunday, 5 December 2010

You gotta love Free stuff!

Sometime this year, I went down to Devon to see my grandparents, anyway we were in a corner shop and something caught my eye, I saw a newspaper there and on the front cover it said this "Free Whizzer and Chips comic inside!" 
Now when I saw this I immediately went to the till and paid for the newspaper which only cost 20p or so. I have the Whizzer and Chips comic right here with me now in all it's glory, here's the front cover:
Whizzer and Chips Front Cover -
 Sid's Snake - Mike Lacey

PG 1: FRONT COVER: Sid's Snake (in colour)
PG 2: Sid's Whizz Kids page
PG 3: Superstore
PG 4: Happy Families
PG 6: Whizz Wheels
PG 8: Lazy Bones
PG 9: Shiner (in colour)
PG 10: Shiner's Chip-ite Page
PG 11: Pete's Pockets
PG 12: Thingumajig
PG 14: Sammy Shrink
PG 15: Fun Fillers - Potty Plants & Skateboard Silent
PG 16: Wear 'Em Out Will
PG 17: The Slimms
PG 18: Harry's Haunted House
PG 19: Money Talks
PG 20: Hover Boots
PG 21: Theo's Thinking Cap
PG 22: Fuss Pot (in colour)
PG 23: Sweet Tooth 
PG 24: Whizz Kids V Chip-ites Puzzle Challenges
PG 26: Tiny Tycoon
PG 28: Odd Ball 
PG 29: Advert
PG 30: BACK PAGE: Joker (in colour)

The comic is from 8th April 1978 and is in fantastic condition! :D


  1. This was one of seven comics they gave away that week (September 2009) with The Guardian and it's Sunday version The Observer. 20p doesn't sound right though, this wasn't a tabloid. Anyway, the other six comics were a Beano (issue 2000, which cost me £2 because it came with The Observer), Dandy, Bunty Summer Special, Roy of the Rovers, Jackie, and Tammy. By the way, they're reprints.

  2. I knew they were reprints.

    I couldn't think how much it was so I put 20p up as it's a normal price for newspapers.... Oops :)

    Would've loved the Beano and Dandy! :D

  3. 20p is only the price of the Daily Star and The Sun. A broadsheet like The Guardian costs much more than that. I actually still have the paper, so I just checked and it was £1 and dated 18th September 2009.

    You've seen The Beano hopefully, it's the 80s one listed on the Beano website's Retro section.

  4. Oh really? So annoyed I didn't get the others! :(

    Ah well, I got the Whizzer and Chips one :)