Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dandy Voting Time!

On the Dandy website, something worrying is happening.... There's a Dandy vote-off.

Basically you can choose between seven stories, you vote your favourite, the stories are:

Desperate Dan
George VS Dragon 
Shao Lin Punks
Kid Cops
Postman Prat
Harry Hill
Robot on the Run

The least popular will be evicted from the Dandy but there's been a fail.... The Dandy voting poll lets click as many times as you like, so basically, the voting isn't fair... But I'd do anything to get Harry Hill out of the Dandy! Here's how the results stand:

1) George VS Dragon - 4003 :D
2) Desperate Dan - 3813 :D
3) Robot on the Run - 2018 :D
4) Kid Cops - 2003 :)
5) Postman Prat - 2000 :/
6) Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - 1840 BOOO! :( (needs to be bottom place) 
7) Shao Lin Punks - 1500 :(

With a little help from me and my friend ;)

The Dandy team have failed by the way, surely they're supposed to know how to spell the characters names....
Kid Cops - Kid Kops?
George VS Dragon - George VS The Dragon
Postman Prat - Postman Pratt
Shao Lin Punks - Shaolin Punks
Not really one but...
Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land - Harry Hill 

Anyway vote for your favourite character at, as long as it isn't Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land that is! ;)


  1. I voted for Dan. Bad news for you. Harry's gaining votes. Updated totals:

    Robot on the Run 4232
    George Vs The Dragon 4082
    Desperate Dan 4080
    Harry Hill 2163
    Kid Kops 2004
    Postman Pratt 2000
    Shaolin Punks 1501

    Funny that Harry's quote mentions Bogies and Bananaman, but you can't vote for those.

  2. I have to say I'm glad shaolin punks are bottom, don't really like them! The first set of votes wizzkid97 posted I agree with 100%!

  3. I want Harry Hill to go so bad!

  4. Harry Hill won't go! The dandy were so lucky to get him and they aren't gonna chuck him!I don't particuarly like the stip either, but it's probably the sole thing keeping the dandy alive. Kids see a huge pic of harry hill on the cover and buy it- FACT! I've seen it. If the dandy hadn't have got harry on board, they wouldn't have been able to survive. We've gotta make sacrifices to keep our comics alive!

  5. I suppose, but at least tone him down a bit.... Desperate dan for the main character surely.... 4 pages for Harry Hill is ridiculous...

  6. Yes... but I'm afraid it's whats getting the readers! They could easily get away with stripping down harry to two pages, though! I reckon swapping harry for dan as the cover star would lose tons of readers!

  7. How annnoying...
    I'm really not for the celebrity content of the comic... Ruins the comic in my opinion, but I know you're right.... We have to make sacrifices to the comic... But why does the Beano not have celebrities? Is it because it's doing well?

  8. Yes! The beano simply doesn't need them because of Dennis' wide fan base. Dennis is essencially the celeb of the beano!

  9. WizzKid97, did you not see last week's Beano, with Harry Potter, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole... the difference is that the Beano doesn't rely on the celebs like Dandy does. But it still has them.

    What the heck? Where did all these votes come from? Someone's obviously been voting thousands of times.
    Harry Hill 2246
    Shao Lin Punks 4001
    Kid Cops 4545
    Postman Prat 5159
    Robot on the Run 15032
    Desperate Dan 18133
    George Vs Dragon 22031

  10. James Spiring, I must admit it was me and my good friend who did all those votes but we stopped when George reached 8000 and Dan reached 10,000...
    I hope the votes stay in the same order like this....

    I did get last week's Beano but what I meant by no celebrities is having no celebrity comic strips... Like the Minnie the Minx 6 parter in the Summer Specials... The main character was Minnie but celebrities featured.... I for one am okay with that, but not when celebrities get they're own comic strip...

  11. In my own opinion, if it was my choice what characters to have in the poll then I'd choose:

    Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land
    Clive 5
    The Phantom Pharter
    Little Celebs
    Pepperoni Pig
    Shao Lin Punks
    Jibber and Steve

  12. Naughty boy, wizzkid...
    Tut tut tut!
    Why waste all that time votintg on a silly online poll that'll probably be restarted with a voting restriction!

  13. Hee hee! Me and my friend were bored one day after school so we had a race on the voting poll ;)
    LOL :D

    To be honest though, if they want to make it fair, one vote per day surely!

  14. One vote full stop in my opinion!

  15. Hey people! Please vote for Kid Cops and Postman Prat! They're losing at the moment, and I really want them to stay, but I can't do it by myself, please help!

  16. I agree with Jonnie12. It should be one vote per person, end of. To that end, The Dandy website needs to make us register like The Beano website does.