Sunday, 5 December 2010

Keep, Not Bothered, Evict?

With the Dandy revamped, the Dandy team wants to know what rocks or sinks your boat... Here's mine:


  • Desperate Dan (make two pages and main character)
  • Bananaman (Make two pages and have Chris McHigie draw it again)
  • Korky the Cat (Make whole page)
  • The Bogies (Make two pages)
  • Dr Doctor 
  • George VS Dragon
  • Pre-Skool Prime Minister
  • The Mighty Bork
  • Kid Cops
  • Postman Prat
  • Simples! 101 Ways to Use a Meerkat
  • One-off strips (Twit-ter, the Not-so-Secret Millionaire, Jamie Oliver Twist etc)
  • Robot on the Run
  • TV Teaser


  • Jibber and Steve
  • Factoids.COM
  • Little Celebs
  • Puzzle Pages
  • Noel or No Noel?
  • Professor Dandy's World of Facts
  • Pepperoni Pig

  • Harry Hill's Real Life Adventures in TV Land (Featuring Knitted Character)
  • The Phantom Pharter Series
  • Clive 5
  • What's in Cheryl's Hair Today?/What's in Wagner's Hair Today?

What's yours? Post below... :)

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